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Dynamic Duo Micro Mop Replacement Head

Replacement Head for Dynamic Duo Mop (#111808) Double Sided Flip Mop for Double Duty! One side to dry mop then flip it over to wet mop! Special tiny microfibers made of polyester and polyamide, lift dirt from the surface and trap it in the mop head like a magnet. The slender profile swivel head allows for easy access into hard-to-reach places such as underneath furniture, between washer and dryer, refrigerator and cabinet. Chenille side works great for dusting floors to remove dust, dirt, pet hair and more. Flip the mop over and you have a terry cloth side which is ideal for damp mopping. Mop head detaches easily from frame for laundering. Machine or hand washable. Mop head: 14-1/2" long x 5-1/2" wide.
Directions & Ingredients

Directions (To replace frame):

  • To replace the frame for the Dynamic Duo Micro Mop, simply remove the orange frame cover and unscrew the previous frame. 
  • Replace the frame with the new plastic frame.
  • Dispose of previous frame. 

Directions (To replace frame cover):

  • Remove previous mop frame head.
  • Replace with the Dynamic Duo Micro Mop Replacement Head
  • Dispose of the previous mop head
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