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Ladies Comb

Durable nylon comb with combination of wide and narrow teeth. 
7-3/4" long x 1-1/2" wide.     
Made in USA

SKU# A4103-M

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Directions & Ingredients


  • Gently use the comb along your hair to clean, remove dirt, excess oils and scalp flakes from your hair. 
  • Repeat daily. 
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Customer Reviews

Ladies Comb Review by halfsweet

I have used this comb since I was 15 and I am 75 now. This is the best and most long lasting comb ever. I still order it

(Posted on 7/21/2018)

Best Comb Ever Review by zippygal

Fifty-three years ago at age 16 my mom bought me this comb from a door-to-door salesman. I have used this comb daily for 53 years and I went on a trip and lost it!! I'm heart-sick. Now I need to purchase another. I'd recommend this comb to anyone who is looking to purchase a great comb that is durable, easy on the hair, and economical.

(Posted on 5/10/2017)

The best comb Review by Daph

I have been using this comb for 45 years, when my mother did my hair. Last year, I gave them away as gifts. Looking to purchase more to do the same.

(Posted on 4/2/2017)

the best comb ever Review by Bon

I bought two of these from a neighbor boy going door to door at least 50 years ago, and have used one of them every day - the other is in my travel case. Can't say enough good things about them !!

(Posted on 9/23/2016)

GREAT Review by LT

I had this comb for over 40 years! Loved it until it broke. I cannot wait to get my new one!

(Posted on 6/21/2016)

No other comical compare Review by JP

Just ordered this. So glad I found it online. I've had mine for over 40 years and no other can compare. Wish they came in colors, mine is blue and I remember there were other choices. Not one tooth gone, but it's looking pretty bad. I know I'll never have to purchase another if this one lasts as long!!

(Posted on 6/8/2016)

best comb ever! Review by Joyce

My mother combed my hair with these combs when I was a little girl, and I've never used a better comb. I still have the two I got after I married. I'm so glad to find that I can order more online!

(Posted on 2/7/2016)

Love it! Review by JoanneT

I have a white comb that I absolutely love and some of the teeth have gotten a bit bent from being in my purse and some are showing a bit of a "crack" but have not broken off yet. Seeing this ad, I looked at my comb and sure enough, it says "Fuller" on it. I have had this comb since before I got married. It must be 50 years old. It is terrific!!

(Posted on 9/8/2015)

Best Ladies Comb Review by David M.

My mother used this comb for all of her adult life. She lived until she was 88. There is absolutely no finer comb available for women.

(Posted on 2/11/2014)

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