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Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet & Floor Sweeper - 9" Cleaning Path - Red

    •IDEAL FOR ALL CRUMBY CLEANUPS: Need a quick touchup? No matter what the mess is from, you’ll want to grab this handy sweeper to get it cleaned fast - this sweeper just perfect! 
    •SUPERIOR CLEANUP: The natural Fuller Quality bristle rotor brush easily lifts pet hair, crumbs, dust, debris, paper clips, glass, and more. Created with reversible cleaning power - making this ideal for any home and restaurant! 
    •COMPACT AND PORTABLE: Move it from room to room without overusing a single muscle in your body – an incredibly lightweight and useful sweeper! 
    •MULTI FLOOR CAPABILITIES: Fuller Brush Quality bristles make it safe and efficient on tile, low pile carpet, and all hard floors - with very minimal effort. 
    •EASY USE & STORAGE: No outlets required – get your mess cleaned using electrostatic charge. Folds flat for compact hanging - making this convenient to store in any closet ready for those quick cleanups. 
    •STURDY AND AGILE: Fuller Brush made with indestructible metal housing with a four section metal handle and a long-wearing, soft vinyl bumper protecting your furniture as it reaches flat under.


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Why drag out that heavy, bulky vacuum cleaner just to clean up one small-sized mess? Keep it in the cleaning closet until you really need it! The Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper from Fuller Brush is the easiest way to take care of small cleanups and touch-ups on carpeted and hard floor surfaces. Lightweight and quiet, the cordless Carpet Sweeper creates an electrostatic charge to gather up messes. The natural bristle rotor brush can pick up pet hair, crumbs, dust, paper clips, glass, and more. It's great for any home or restaurant! Clean up quickly and easily with an Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper from Fuller Brush!
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Customer Reviews

our mother had your sweeper for over 20+ years. it was brown/grey but rusted out back in the 80s. now i am ordering this red one for my home and hope that it will give me the satisfaction our mother had with our product. Review by rocky

mom had your sweeper when we were very young. we could use it and got the job done. back in the 80s, it was a brown/grey color but rusted out. now i am ordering this red one and hope i can feel the satisfaction and the smile on my mother's face...

(Posted on 7/15/2018)

Surprising little giant Review by Vez

This was bought to do touchup jobs around the house, with the thought that it will be effective than dragging out the Dyson. Well the little giant is so effective we use it for whole house touchup as well as dry spills from just about every thing. Really a working, cleaning tool. Thanks fuller.

(Posted on 7/1/2018)

Great Review by Aunt Jan

My mom has had her sweeper for 20+ years and after she passed away I kept it. I brought it to my 4th grade classroom and the students are all wanting to use it around their area. It works great.

(Posted on 8/23/2015)

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