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Fulsol Spray

CUTS GREASE & GRIME: Quickly dissolve grease, oil, dirt, grime, fingerprints, grass stains, ink, glue & crayon –with the easy-to-use Fuller Brush Fulsol Spray.

FOAMING SPRAY: Simplify your cleaning with the concentrated ready-to-use foaming spray - spray, scrub, rinse and wipe away – with minimal elbow grease.

SURFACE SAFE: Fulsol is safe for most washable surfaces and materials - including tile, glass, woodwork, painted surfaces, and all washable fabrics.

 CLEANS ALL AROUND YOUR HOME: Cuts grease all over your house – use it in for the bathroom, kitchen, laundry & even outdoors - leaving a fresh lemon scent.
Directions & Ingredients

Quickly dissolve grease, oil, dirt and grime from your kitchen, laundry and more – with this Fulsol Foaming Spray! There is no job too big or too small as the Fuller Brush Fulsol Spray works quickly to cut through grime and grease all around your home. The results are unbelievable! Non-abrasive, all-purpose degreasing concentrate is safe for all washable, non-porous surfaces. It has great effects on hard surfaces including tile, glass, sealed wood and woodwork, porcelain, painted walls, washable fabrics, vinyl, and fiberglass. Use it in the kitchen for ovens, pots, broiler pans, surface burners, range hood exhaust filters and barbecue racks, spray and wait several minutes. Re-spray as needed to keep surface wet. Wipe with cellulose sponge or scrub with Fuller Brush Stainless Steel Sponges, then rinse and wipe dry. Use it for brighter and cleaner laundry - spray Fulsol directly onto grease spots and heavily soiled areas. Gently rub fabric together, then wash as usual.  Use it for regular household cleaning- for mini blinds, painted walls, woodwork, kitchen cabinets, tile, chrome, porcelain, and other hard surfaces, spray Fulsol, scrub, rinse and wipe away. Use it even outdoors on your grill and patio furniture. It cuts the grease and leaves a clean, pleasant lemon scent. Use it together with Fuller Brush Stainless Steel Sponges (19868) or with Fuller Brush Dual Action Microfiber Cloths (181) for even more cleaning power. Biodegradable, phosphate-free, made in the USA. Safe for septic systems when used as directed. Let Fuller Brush Fulsol Spray cut the grease and stains from just about everywhere with minimal elbow grease – and have a clean fresh home.

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