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Fuller Toilet Pods® (x2) + Premium Toilet Bowl Brush & Plunger in Caddy Set

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Cleaning the toilet bowls just got easier!
Keep your hands away from chemicals. No more squirting, fussing and messing with chemical liquids! Drop 1 in – let the Fuller Toilet Pod® do the cleaning for you – then, Brush and Flush.

2 packages of Pods

Toilet bowl cleaning doesn't have to be avoided anymore, just dropping the toilet pod into the bowl and it will do it's magic.

Our powerful water soluble toilet pod cleaners unleash a multitude of concentrated cleansers! Attacks stains and soils all in one! Pods quickly dissolve leaving your bathroom smelling fresh and clean! 24 Pods in a pack.

  • Septic Tank Safe
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Biodegradable

Directions for Use:
Drop one water soluble Fuller Toilet Pod® into the toilet bowl.

  1. Let the Pod dissolve and work for you (approximately 10 min.)
  2. Brush & Flush: Brush or swab the toilet bowl above and below the waterline as well as under the rim, then Flush.

 Fuller Smart Cleaning Tips:

  • The longer the cleansers remain in the bowl – the better the cleaning action.
  • For extra dirty toilet bowls, two Pods may be used.*
  • Always make sure to use brush to scrub the toilet bowl all over
  • If toilet bowl is clean, Pod may be used as a Bowl Refresher – simply drop 1 in, close the lid and walk away.
  • Pods are a maintenance toilet cleaner. Not intended for deep cleaning or removal of build-up of hard water deposits, limescale or rust stains.
  • The Pods are NOT designed to create any foaming action. As the Pod dissolves, cleansers are released into the water – while a small amount of bubbling occurs.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Pods are made for the toilet bowl only, not for the tank

1 Caddy Set Complete “All In One” Set includes our Premium Bowl Brush & Plunger neatly contained in heavy duty caddy with wide base for stability. Premium Bowl Brush Robust amount of bristles tufted in a dome pattern for a more complete cleaning. Bristle head fits deep into the toilet trap to scrub all areas and will reach under the toilet rim. Wavy pattern of bristles is more compact than other brushes to carry more cleaner above the water line and under the rim. Rubberized handle with finger grooves is easier to hold without slipping from your hand. Length of brush measures nearly 16” – to keep your hand away from the water. Brush also has hang-up hole in handle. Use Bowl Brush with Fuller Brush Extra-Strength Bowl Cleaner (#619). Premium Toilet Bowl Plunger Pistol grip handle provides more control and added pressure without tiring of wrist. Handle from plunger to pistol grip measures nearly 15” to keep your hand away from the water. Tapered heavy duty plastic handle will not absorb water like wood handles and is easy to rinse. Premium heavy duty rubber plunger head. Plunger head has center circular flange for a better seal and suction against toilet trap area. 5-5/8” diameter plunger head.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 353 reviews

it work all right

Does a good job!

I was pleased to see the sparkle it gave,but most pleased with the clean fresh scent that lingered. Will buy again.

Toilet pods

You throw a pod into the toilet and lower the lid for an hour. Then scrub your toilet. These clean your toilet with little to no effort. They also give off a nice smell. I do have a habit of letting the pod sit in the toilet about 3 hours. I have no mineral build up since using these.

Toilet pods

Work well

Fresh and clean

Love the scent these pods leave in the bathroom - nice and fresh. When I drop them in, I come back later to brush and the bowl is easily cleaned. I will reorder these!

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