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FREE Shipping On All Orders Over $75

Ostrich Feather Duster Long Handled Dusting Hair Feathers for All Dusting

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  • Delicate Dusting
  • Natural Grey Ostrich feathers
  • Light and Easy To Maneuver
  • With Solid Wood Handle
  • Leather Hang Up Strap
  • Made in USA
  • DELICATE DUSTING: Softly and gently glides over delicate surfaces without a scratch. It can be used on glass, chandeliers, screens, frames, plants & more.
  • OSTRICH FEATHERS: Natural grey feathers magnetically attract dirt and dust without sprays and cleaning agents.
  • HARD-TO-REACH SPOTS: Perfect for dusting narrow areas including window blinds, banisters, behind wall-mounted screens, behind furniture, around appliances, on top of books, electronics.
  • PREMIUM MAKE: The securely fastened feathers are super light & easy to maneuver.
  • Made with a solid wood handle with a convenient leather hang up strap for storage.
  • 22”overall duster length.

Our feather duster is made with 100% natural grey ostrich feathers that contain natural oils to attract dust without any need for sprays or cleaning agents. The feathers lock in the dust & do not scatter it. The super soft feathers are gentle enough to dust your delicate items without scratching. -Including glass, chandeliers, plants, trees, blinds and just about everything. Great for dusting narrow, hard-to-reach spots. It reaches even the tiniest crevices. Has a contoured, one-piece, natural wooden handle that offers convenience of movement and superior control. Comes with a leather strap at the end of the handle for easy storage. Made to last . 22" overall length.

Shake out the dust when finished and occasionally wash feathers in warm water to keep it fresh for many years of use.

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