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Lustrebrush Professional

Heirloom quality with natural boar bristles gives you superior performance. Ideal for short or fine hair. Plastic handle. 
✪ = Made in USA

SKU# 527-M

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Directions & Ingredients


  • Gently use the brush along your hair to clean, remove dirt, excess oils and scalp flakes from your hair. 
  • Repeat daily. 
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Customer Reviews

Adding to present brush Review by Mina

I have used the "professional" for close to 12 years and it looks as good as on day 1. Nevertheless good things have the knack of disappearing, so I will buy another one...just in case
In the 1900, ladies in Paris used to give their hair "35 strokes" of brushing before going to bed. They used to have beautiful REAL long hair in those days, not built in fake additions.
I started doing that in my twenties and I am still doing it so I kept my hair at 75, it just changed color... that is all.

(Posted on 11/25/2016)

Excellent Brush Review by kennywally

Been a fuller brush user for over 20 yrs, this is my 3rd or so. I needed a smaller brush the others are half rounds, still have all the bristles and this is the firmness I was looking for. I also use it to brush my skin the the AM, it stimulates me and clears off dead skin too. Mostly used to brush mustache, then skin, then hair !

(Posted on 9/17/2016)

A MUST HAVE! Review by CC

I have had my Fuller Brush over 20 yrs and it's now finally disintegrating. Yrs ago I was told to use a natural bristle brush to keep my scalp healthy and to brush the natural oils from the scalp to the ends daily. A healthy scalp is not tender or sore to the touch. I love my Lustrebrush Pro and came back to buy another one after shopping everywhere and not finding a 100% boar bristle brush at any price! Thanks Fuller Brush for putting your name on my old brush so I knew where to get a new one. :-)

(Posted on 8/17/2016)

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