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Stanhome Microfiber Cloths 19410 (10 Multi-Colored Cloths)

  • ALL-PURPOSE CLOTHS: Get your house thoroughly cleaned - grab a Stanhome All-Purpose Microfiber Cloths and get that grime, dust, and dirt gone – have your house shine! (10 Pack)
  • MULTI PURPOSE USE: Use these soft cloths just about everywhere - including windows & mirrors, dishes, electronics, furniture, appliances, car interiors & more.
  • COLOR CODE YOUR HOME: Multi colored pack use one color for each area of your house - keeping your home neat and organized, and - avoid cross contamination.
  • LONG LASTING: Machine washable saving you lots of time and money – built for re-use without deteriorating or losing effectiveness – large 10”x10”.
Directions & Ingredients
Keep your cleaning organized! Stanhome’s All-Purpose Cleaning Cloths will make that possible – color code your home with these multi-colored pack of cloths. These microfiber cloths can clean just about everything – from windows, mirrors, dishes, furniture, appliances, counter tops, electronics, car interiors and exteriors, and more. They gravitate dust, dirt and grime as you swipe- simplifying your task. Machine washable and reusable, cleaning with these cloths will ultimately save you money that would otherwise be spent on paper towels. You can use them wet or dry for a number of cleaning tasks. Keep surfaces clean with this pack of Stanhome All-Purpose Microfiber cloths!
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