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Stanley Home Products Degreaser Concentrate – Dissolves Grease & Grime – Makes 64 Gallons of Cleaning Solution - 32 fl. oz.


DISSOLVES GREASE & GRIME: Cut through that grease and grime in just seconds – this Degreaser Concentrate will supply you with lots of solution for your cleaning needs.

STRONG ACTION: Stanley Home Products Degreaser Concentrate will tackle your stubborn messes - in both hard & soft water - making them disappear.

MULTI-PURPOSE USE: Removes dirt, grease, & grime – from cookware, grills, dishes, woodwork, laundry, woodwork, equipment & tools.

GALLONS OF CLEANING POWER: One 32 oz. bottle contains enough cleaning product for 64 gallons of powerful Stanley degreaser solution – making this very cost-effective.

Since 1931, Stanley Home Products continues to supply you with premier American made household products - that work!

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Directions & Ingredients
Let’s face it, no one likes grease. That’s what this all-purpose, double-strength Stanley Home Product Degreaser Concentrate cleaner is made to work hard and easily dissolve grease on cookware, countertops, broilers, dishes, tools, walls, or anywhere else there is a buildup. The biodegradable and phosphate-free formula is also safe for septic tanks. Not only does Stanley Degreaser Concentrate work hard to eliminate grease, but it’s also cost-effective and super convenient. This formula is four times more concentrated than leading cleaners so you only need ¼ as much. One 32 oz. bottle of Stanley Degreaser Concentrate makes enough cleaning product for an astounding 64 gallons. For your convenience, dilute the concentrate in either hard or soft water and create a solution that works for you. Make a full-strength solution to tackle stubborn messes or dilute it more for lighter cleaning. Wherever there’s grease, Stanley Degreaser Concentrate is the solution to get rid of it all.
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deagreser Review by iza

Im always customer ofrece fuller produts al so Iwas a representative indica puerto rico, but nos i live indica new York and i was looking where orden Whois sale them. Thanks i found your line con internet and will order them especilaly th degreser I used ti use fo long ti me. Im going ti order so me ofrece them. Thanks forma still being indica bussines

(Posted on 3/15/2017)

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