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The Original Degreaser

Use anywhere in the house - on almost all types of hard, washable surfaces. Cleans up oil spills, greasy tools, bikes, engines, greasy pots, pans, and dishes. No home is complete without it! 32 fl.oz.
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Directions & Ingredients

Hand Dishwashing Directions:

Use 1 tablespoon per gallon of water. 

Cookware or Stubborn Grease Directions:

Use 2 tablespoons per gallon of water, soak 5 minutes, wash and rinse. 

Sink, Drain, Garbage Disposal Directions:

2 tablespoons per quart of hot water, pour down drain and let stand overnight. Use weekly to help prevent grease build-up in drains. 

Laundry Booster Direction:

Add 1/2 cup per wash load to boost your detergent. 

Grease Spots on Washable Fabric Directions:

For machine or hand laundry, pour directly on fabric and rub it in, wait one minute, wash as usual. 

General Cleaning by the Bucket Directions:

Mix 2 tablespoons per gallon of warm water, clean with a damp sponge. 

Workshop Directions (Spills, Tools, Motors, Bikes, Hands):

2 tablespoons per gallon of warm water, rinse with clean, damp sponge. 

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Customer Reviews

best cleaning product I've ever used for grease problems Review by Angie

love this product! works great on grease problems.

(Posted on 7/11/2018)

Great Product! Review by Eric G

It worked Great!

(Posted on 2/5/2018)

Outstanding product Review by BusyBee

My mother introduced me to this degreaser, several years ago, and I absolutely love the product! I use it with laundry, to remove grease stains and markings of "unknown origin". Rarely is there a spot that the degreaser does not remove. The product can also be used for various cleaning tasks and it removes "sticky" off almost everything. To be without my Stanley degreaser would be devastating! It's an outstanding product.

(Posted on 4/8/2016)

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