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5 of 50 Ways to Use Stanley Degreaser

5 of 50 Ways to Use Stanley Degreaser

We are counting down many uses and creative ways to use Stanley Degreaser


1. Clean stainless steel sinks using Degreaser and stainless steel sponges.

2. Clean garbage disposals by adding 1 tsp. of Degreaser to 1 quart warm water. Pour solution into disposal and allow it to set overnight.

3. Regular use of Degreaser in your dishwasher helps prevent grease build-up in drains.

4. To clean outside of your microwave use 1 oz. Degreaser mixed with 1 gal. warm water. Wipe down with a sponge.

5. To maintain your stove’s exhaust fan, periodically remove grease and lint accumulation from the hood. Soak the mesh wire filter in solution of 1 tbsp. Degreaser and hot water for 5 minutes. Rinse and dry.


 Stay tuned for more featured ways to use Stanley Deagreaser.

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Norma Little - October 22, 2020

All 4 years my older son played football, he would come home and toss me his soiled uniform, covered in grass stains and dirt and grime. I put your degreaser on the stains and washed it in hot water and it came out white as snow. I saw other guy’s uniform pants and many were dingy and yellow and still covered with grime. While I didn’t particularly enjoy handling the clothes, I loved seeing the outcome.

Has this degreaser ever gone by another name? I’d like to reorder…just want to be sure I get the same thing again.

Norma Little

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