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About our Dealer Program


May I purchase Fuller Brush & Stanley Home Products at wholesale prices for resale?
Yes, if you are approved to be an Authorized Dealer by the new management of The Fuller Brush Company.
Is the Dealer Program the same as the Distributor Program that Fuller Brush has had in the past?
No, please read on to find out more about the new program.
If I have been a distributor for Fuller Brush or Stanley Home Products in the past will I automatically be approved as a dealer?
No, we are only accepting dealers through our application process.
How do I apply to become a dealer for The Fuller Brush Company?
Contact us to request an application. Once received, please complete and return in order to start your application process.
Is my account number going to be the same as in the past?
No, an account number will be provided to you once you are approved as a dealer.
What makes an ideal Fuller Brush dealer?
An individual who loves our products, loves to sell, wants to make lots of money and can comply with the Dealer Agreement.
How does the new “Dealer Program” differ from the old “Distribution Program”?
The current “Dealer Program” is for selling products to end users, not to resellers. This differs from the “Distribution Program” that was set up for distributors to resell to other resellers.
May I have dealers selling under me?
Yes, as long as you register the sellers as part of your dealer account with The Fuller Brush Company. By registering a different seller on your account you will be taking complete responsibility for their following of the Dealer Agreement and sales.
How should I send in my application?
Please email it back to us, or, if you prefer, you can fax it to 732-886-1533 or mail to: The Fuller Brush Company, 120 Kenyon Drive, Lakewood, NJ 08701.
When will be I notified if my application is approved?
You will receive a response within 7-14 days via the same way you sent in your information.
What is the process once my application was approved?
You will be sent a dealer agreement to be filled out, signed and sent back along with a resale tax certificate.
Do I need to have a Retail Tax Certificate?
Yes, please fill out the form that is attached to the Dealer Agreement, or you may provide your own state form.
Will wholesalers be charged sales tax?
No, because you are a reseller, you do not have to pay sales tax. That’s why you must fill out the tax form. Sales tax is for end users.
Do I need to collect sales tax from my customers?
Please inquire with your local government authorities.
When becoming a dealer does that mean I am employed by Fuller Brush?
No, a dealer is an independent contractor, and not employed by The Fuller Brush Company.
Are there any fees when applying to become a dealer?
Not at this time.
Are there any annual membership fees for dealers?
Not at this time.
How can I know which products are currently in stock?
You can browse to view which products are currently available.
Why am I unable to reach a representative when I call The Fuller Brush Company?
Currently, the phone service is unavailable as we roll out the new program; please contact us via our website with any inquiries you may have.
Are The Fuller Brush Company & Stanley Home Products under the same management?
No, the companies are now under completely new management.
Are the products the same quality as the original Fuller Brush and Stanley Home Products?
Absolutely! The original factories are manufacturing all their original great products.
Will Fuller Brush & Stanley Home Products be manufacturing products in the USA?
Yes, we are once again working with the manufacturing plant in Great Bend, Kansas, as well as other factories throughout the USA in bringing you many high quality products made in the USA.
Are you going to be bringing products back that were discontinued?
Yes, there are many that were already manufactured, and many more are in the process.
If I don’t see a product listed, can I request it to be manufactured?
Yes, we are always looking forward to hearing from our dealers. Please send product suggestions to us via our website contact page.
Are the current SKU numbers the same as in the past?
For the most part yes, but please check back to see if there has been any change.
What are my discounts as a dealer?
Once you are approved as a dealer, we will provide you with The Dealer Onboarding Program, which will explain in detail our discount program.