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5 Ways to Step into Minimalism

5 Ways to Step into Minimalism

Minimalism is more than just a trend and for some it’s a committed lifestyle. If you’re looking to declutter your home, taking a minimalistic approach can be as relieving as it is efficient. There are many reasons to declutter and organize your home in a minimalistic fashion. Currently it is fashionable, but it truly does give you a chance to rid yourself of the old and create space for the new. This experience can be as spiritual as you want it to be.  It’s up to you whether you want to take the time to redefine your living space and make a statement, or if you feel like you just need to quit hoarding outdated clothes (because pencil-lined fedoras and low-waisted jeans are just dead). So take a moment to collect your thoughts and ambitions for this project. We’ve listed our five favorite ways to declutter and live with less stress.

#1 The 4-Box Method -

This approach involves quite a bit of determination and motivation as you will be combing through every item in every room. Don’t panic yet! You can take on as much or as  little as you want, just know that you’ll finish faster if you don’t turn back. So, take four boxes labeled “Trash”, “Give Away”, “Keep”, and “Relocate” and simply analyze EACH item in a room and determine which box it belongs in. The overall goal  is to leave with less than you started with. You can make it more challenging by rearranging the items you keep. Then if it doesn’t fit your scheme, either toss it or donate it.

 #2 The 12-12-12 Challenge

 This is a simpler version of the 4-Box Method, where instead of canvassing every item in a room, you determine a certain number of items to put in three specific boxes. We used “Trash”, “Donate”, and “Relocate”, but don’t be afraid to get creative.

 #3 The Closet Hanger Experiment

This is typically a favorite because the project was featured by Oprah Winfrey. Basically you take all of your hanging clothing items and hang them all facing one direction. After wearing an item, put it back hanging it the opposite way and keep all clothing items you wear in that direction. At the end of the year, take a look in your closet and see which clothes you clearly didn’t wear and donate them. It’s that simple.


#4 Fill One Trash(Donate/Recycle) Bag

Now I know that in the name “Trash Bag” it is tempting to just throw out all of your cluttered junk and stuff, but try to restrain yourself from doing so. Instead, fill the bag all the way up with clothes to donate, or items to sell at a garage sale, or things that are recyclable. The U.S. has a crucial waste problem and it is extremely important that we strive to leave this planet in better condition than how we have found it. You can visit to see clear instructions and tips for recycling all types of products from food to electronics.

#5 Set Goals for Each Room/Person

This project really allows for you to be as creative as possible, giving you the freedom to make this project your own. Set goals for individual rooms or people in order to declutter your home. You can give each person in the house a goal of how many boxes of clothes to donate or come up with a monetary goal for each room in your next garage sale. You can even set a goal for how much you are trying to claim on your taxes for next year ;). The sky's the limit.

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