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Clean Your Shower The Easy Way

Clean Your Shower The Easy Way

How many times have you climbed into your shower only to be reminded, “ugh, I need to clean this, like yesterday.” Soap scum on the walls, built-up soap residue in the soapdish, grime on your hot and cold water knobs, ring around the tub, and is that mildew where the shower tiles meet the tub? Okay, I’m grossing myself out and you probably get the picture. 

If you’re like me, you put off cleaning your shower because it’s just not easy to do. Cleaning the shower tiles is one thing, but how do you get the grime out from in between your tiles that has changed your grout from white to some kind of off-white-gray-gross mess? How do you scrub the tub so you don’t end up with an unfortunate case of the dreaded scrubber’s elbow (which is totally a thing that I did not just make up)? Fortunately, Fuller Brush and Stanley Home Products has a whole line of brushes and other cleaning products to take the chore part out of cleaning your shower and tub.

Effortless Tile Cleaning is Possible!

Let’s start with the biggest surface area: the tiles themselves. Now, personally I’d prefer to just buy a new house, but my significant other says we can’t do that. Well, my second option would usually be to grab a brillo pad to scrape that stubborn soap scum off of those tiles. What? That will scratch the tiles? Ok, fine. Well, thankfully Fuller Brush and Stanley Home Products offers the Tub & Shower E-Z Scrubber Heavy Duty Scrub Brush & Telescopic Handle. This thing is awesome. The scrubbing head uses a specially designed tufted pattern of flared polyester bristles, which means it’s tough on grime but won’t scratch your gorgeous tile. It’s even safe to use on fiberglass tubs and shower surfaces. 

Because the bristles are tough, this brush will stand up to many uses. When you do finally wear it out, you can just go on the Fuller Brush and Stanley Home Products website and order a replacement brush head. Easy peasy. The telescoping brush handle (which adjusts from 29 inches to 52 inches) means no more bending to get the low areas, and no more perching yourself on the tub edge (risking breaking your neck!) to reach the high areas. It has a hang-up hole so when you’re done, it’s easy to put away on a hook in your closet or wherever! Or don’t put it away, I’m not your mom.

Grout Cleaning Just Became a Breeze

Ok, once the tiles are clean, the grout is going to really show it needs a cleaning too. So don’t sit down yet, we’re not done. How do you get into the tiny spaces where the grout is, you may ask? Short of using your significant other’s toothbrush and having to explain why it looks like you were giving an alligator a free cleaning? Well, I’ll tell you: Fuller Brush and Stanley Home Products’ Tile Grout E-Z Scrubber Complete - Lightweight Multi-Purpose Surface Scrubber. This handsome piece of equipment was designed specifically to make it easy to clean the part of your shower that’s normally not easy at all. 

The tough bristles on the nine-inch wide brush head form a V shape that is just perfect for squeezing into the spaces between your tiles to target the grout. The bristles won’t scratch your surfaces, and the extendable handle allows you to reach every part of your shower without bending, kneeling, reaching, or in my case, using some colorful language.

Shower Glass Should Shine 

If you have a sliding shower door on your shower, then you know the hassle of trying to get into every nook and cranny with a sponge or other scrubber. Did you know that it doesn’t have to be a hassle? I’m serious. Try the Shower Track And Grout Heavy Duty Scrub Brush w/ Comfort Grip & Stiff Bristles Purple by Fuller Brush and Stanley Home Products, you’ll see what I mean. 

This little brush packs a lot of punch and gets into tight spaces that many other brushes just can’t. The extra sturdy bristles are uniquely designed in a thin line to get into the most narrow spots in and around your shower track and other hard-to-reach surfaces. The polypropylene bristles won’t scratch your surfaces and they’re wrapped around a sturdy wire and locked into a steel channel, so this brush will last a long time. 

Don’t just stop with the shower! The narrow design is perfect for scrubbing out all of your hard-to-reach places, like around plumbing fixtures and patio door tracks! Since you’re scrubbing everything now, you’re going to need a bit more help. Try Fuller Brush and Stanley Home Products’ Super Scrubby Scrub Brush - All Purpose Cleaning Scrubber w/ Looped Handle. This teardrop-shaped scrubber is perfect for scrubbing most anything, and it’s comfortable to hold! Whether you need to scrub laundry stains out of a shirt, clean vegetables, or a carpet stain, this scrubber will do the job. But don’t forget to go back to the tub and scrub out that ring - this scrubber is great for that too!

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Janis Miller - January 31, 2021

Thank you for the 10 percent off discount. I will use it toward the Shower Brush. I can’t wait to use it as my shower is so hard to clean.

Debbie Haggard - December 11, 2020

Thank you for $10 off so I can buy this

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