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Black Slender Broom & Dustpan Set - Indoor Broom Clip-on Set

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Slender, trim and lightweight with long-lasting polypropylene fibers that won't wear down. These bristles are designed to gather the dirt and debris rather than scattering or “flicking” the debris. The interior bristles are thicker and stiffer for moving larger debris, while outside thinner bristles pick up fine particles. Compact and trim to sweep those hard-to-reach narrow spots all around your home. Perfectly balanced and lightweight broom allows more sweeping without tiring. 11” sweeping path. 1.25" narrow width to fit into tight spaces. The Bristles on our Slender Broom are 3.5” in length. 48” 2-piece steel handle with handy hang-up hole. Use the durable Black Clip-On Dustpan to collect the dirt and dust without leaving behind crumbs. The dustpan hugs the floor with its beveled edge ensuring complete pick up of the finest debris like sugar, salt and dust.   It has a wide collection area of 10 1/2" wide x 5" deep and the handy hang-up hole gives the option to hang .

Comes with Dustpan

  • LIGHTWEIGHT ‘N EASY: Uniquely designed lightweight broom for easy maneuvering so you can easily & quickly sweep up any size mess.
  • SUPERIOR CLEANUP: Created with 2 types of Fuller Quality polypropylene bristles making it ideal for gathering both large debris and fine particles. Combination of stiff and soft bristles works efficiently to gather without scattering. 11 inch sweeping path.
  • HARD TO REACH AREAS: Slender, trim design to sweep those hard-to-reach narrow areas such as under appliances, under doors, under furniture, between chair & table legs.
  • UNIQUE DUSTPAN: Beveled edge hugs the floor ensuring complete pick up of the finest debris like sugar, salt and dust - with a wide collection area of 10 1/2" wide x 5" deep.
  • DURABLE HANDLE: Made to last with a 48" long 2 Piece Silver Handle (A3230). Designed in a way that won't break with regular usage.
  • SIMPLE STORAGE: Handle comes with handy hang-up hole on the top for simple storage.
  • Slender Broom Head made in the USA
  • Handle Made in China


The bristles can always look like new with its washable head. You can place it under the faucet or wash with a garden hose and hang-up to dry. For handle: 1. New design: One part of the handle screws into the other part, for a secure sturdy connection.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Carla Schultz
Best Utility Broom

This is the best little broom---it works great, and I love how the dustpan is always attached so that you are not on a scavenger hunt for the dustpan.

Linda Baker
Kitchen broom and handle

I was bothered by the fact that the broom head had a dozen or so brissles that had to be cut off before it could be used. I've been using this broom style for over 40 years and had never received one in this condition. I know the broom will last forever, but that bothered me.

Karen Young
Black slender broom and dustpan set

The broom is nice, the dustpan way too small. For $70 not with it at all.

Glad it didn’t change!

I remember this broom from years ago like the 1960’s and bought one back in the 90’s that after years of use, is now relegated to service the garage. My new broom is an old friend. I love it!

Darlene Vig
Another great product from Fuller

Awesome easy to use