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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+

Clothes Dryer Hose Brush Gets Rid of Lint Buildup

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  • Effectively removes lint, hair & dust.
  • Helping to prevent fires by removing the build-up in a dryer hose & duct.
  • Removing the build-up improves the efficiency of your dryer, saving you dollars & drying time.
  • Designed with soft, polyester, bristles to grab and hold lint and buildup.
  • The flexible wire brush conforms to irregular shapes as it easily reaches all crevices of a dryer hose & duct.
  • Rubber tip to prevent scratching while it cleans.
  • Ergonomic soft-feel durable plastic handle with a handy hang-up hole for easy storage.
  • Long length makes it fit perfectly to clean out a dryer hose in its entirety (after removing the hose from the wall).
  • Ensures thorough cleaning while the brush traps and pulls out the lint build-up from within the dryer hose & duct.
  • 4” wide x 35-½” overall length
  • The Fuller Brush flexible wire Clothes Dryer Hose Brush gets rid of lint buildup easily. Dryers collect a large amount of lint, hair & dust that you may not see on a daily basis. This buildup can be dangerous & can potentially cause a fire. Removing any buildup from your dryer hose & duct periodically will help prevent a potential fire. The Clothes Dryer Hose Brush’s long length makes it fit perfectly to clean out a dryer hose in its entirety (after removing the hose from the wall). This flexible wire brush conforms to irregular shapes as it bends through a hose, while the bristles grab & remove clogged buildup. The Clothes Dryer Hose Brush was built using soft polyester bristles 4” diameter wide and 5” long ensuring thorough cleaning in the folds & kinks in a dryer hose without damage. The brush also was built with a rubber tip to prevent scratching while it cleans and has a handy hang-up durable plastic handle for easy storage. 

    Clean your dryer vent & hose every 30 - 90 days depending on usage. Easily keep the brush clean by using a vacuum, or wash with mild soap and water and then letting it dry.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Clothes dryer brush

I have not yet used the product yet but shipping was vary fast.

Mary Dean
Clothes dryer brush

It’s a good brush but I have a dryer where the lint trap is in the back of the dryer. It does’t work well on that type of lint trap.

Frankie Clifton
Dryer Vent Brush

I haven’t used it yet!

Mary Jo Brough
Fantastic brush!

This brush is wonderful. How many times have you spent picking the lint off the trap? You will never have do that again with this brush. One swipe and the lint is off. I highly recommend it!