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Drain Cleaner Brush - Flexible Thin Long Brush For Clog Free Sinks, Bathtubs & Shower Drains

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  • Durable resilient polyester bristles built in a wavy pattern to better grab & hold gunk/hair
  • Engineered with rust resistant galvanized steel wire that is flexible & sturdy
  • Removes build up: Pull out build-up of hair, grease/grime quickly & effectively
  • Easy grip plastic handle: Won't slip out of your hand, your hands won't touch drain
  • 14” length w/9” length of brush 7/8" diameter bristle area
  • Made in the USA

    Tired of slow draining bathroom sinks? Sink drains are prone to getting clogged between the sink & drain trap with hair & gunk that liquid drain cleaners can’t remove. For faster draining bathroom sinks use the Fuller Brush Drain Cleaner Brush. This brush is a uniquely designed narrow brush that easily goes into sink drains to clean and pull out build-up of hair, grease/grime quickly & effectively. The durable resilient polyester bristles are stiff enough to grab the hair and gunk without damaging the drain. Specially selected bristles have a wavy pattern to better grab and hold hair and gunk for removal. Engineered with rust resistant galvanized steel wire that is flexible and sturdy enough to push the hair while pulling it from the drain. Handle is heat sealed (not glued) to the galvanized steel wire for longer life. Rinse brush clean and hang to dry. 14” length w/9” length of brush 7/8" diameter bristle area. Made in the USA.

    • Remove the drain stopper and gently push the Brush into the drain while slowly turning to grab the hair and gunk. • Pull out and wipe clean. Repeat, until the water drains easily • Use hot water to help flush the drain • Rinse the brush clean and hang to dry

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Kathy Dickason
shorter than I thought

it is quite a bit shorter than I thought & what I believe is needed

Dawn Emma Boyd
Best Broom Ever

When I saw the ad for Fuller Brush on Facebook I was instantly brought back to my childhood days. I remember my Mom had one. I never appreciated it back then, but because it was something my Mom loved, I decided to purchase one. Now I know why she loved it! With 7 kids it was a handy tool to have to keep up with all our ins and outs during the day tracking in all the dirt. If I have any negative thing to say, it would be with the Multi piece handle. You have to screw the pieces together. But as I sweep, they are constantly loosening. I may have my husband weld the handle pieces together. Other than that, it is perfect and does everything it’s supposed to. I give it a 5 even though the handle could use a redesign. My husband said that if you change the handle design to push the handle together with adjustable pins, to adjust the length and this would also keep it from coming apart.

Thank you Kindly,

Dawn Boyd


Works great! My bathroom sink got clogged yesterday & I was able to use this brush to clean & unclog the drain. So I didn’t have to use harmful chemicals.

Great brush but.....

It gets the debris from the drain but if you have one of the plastic drain plugs that you cannot unscrew and remove, I cannot recommend it. The metal end of the brush gets caught on something in the drain and is very difficult to get it out. In the mean time, while trying to remove the brush from the drain, the plastic bristles come off.
Not sure what Fuller used to make their brush bristles out of but my parents had a few of their brushes, that I still have and use, those bristles do not come off and I love them.

Karen Modrow

I haven’t used it yet.