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Dynamic Duo Micro Mop Replacement Head - No Frame - Teal

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  • DOUBLE SIDED: One side to dry mop, one side to wet mop. Just flip it over. The Chenille side works great for dusting floors. Use it to remove dust, dirt, pet hair and more. The terry cloth side is ideal for damp mopping.
  • MADE OF MICROFIBER: Special tiny microfibers made of polyester and polyamide lift dirt from the surface and trap it in the mop head like a magnet.
  • SLENDER MOP HEAD: The slender swivel head allows for easy access into hard-to-reach places such as underneath furniture, between washer and dryer, refrigerator and cabinet. Mop head: 14-1/2" long x 5-1/2" wide.
  • No Frame just cover. Must already have frame
  • Mop pole sold separately, model no. 808
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Mop head detaches easily from frame for laundering. Machine or hand washable.

It doesn’t get easier than this- one mop, 2 heads and multiple uses. This mop can do it all – dust, trap dirt, clean & shine all. Both sides have tiny microfibers made of polyester and polyamide to lift dirt from the surface and trap it in the mop head like a magnet. Chenille side (finger like side) works as a dry mop for dusting floors to remove dust, dirt, pet hair and more. The terry cloth side is ideal for light wet mopping. Machine or hand washable. For longer reach attach to our 808 Adjustable telescopic handle (sold separately).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Bonni Shikrallah

Easy to use and replace

Wendy King
Improved version works great; so easy and quick to use

This is my favorite quick, easy, effective mop. It's perfect.

Mary Erker
Due Micro Mop--Replacement Head

It works like a charm for my daughter. She claims this dust mop style is "the best". She appreciates that she now has another mop head, so she is never without use of the mop when one head is in the laundry.

Maddie Fl
Thank you Fuller!

Thrilled Fuller is now offering this without the frame. The frames tend to need replacing more often than the cover. I've used this swivel head system and I have not found another brand to come close to the wonderful quality of this product. Both sides of this frame cover are “chenille” soft and my LVP floors clean to brand new every time! I've taken the opportunity to reintroduce to a company with a wonderful reputation that has spanned generations, and never failed to give us quality products.

lynda Tucker
Great mop heads

I purchased one several years ago and found easy to use. I purchased new heads this year and the women who clean for me love them and are using them on a regular basis.