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Easy Shower Spray 24 oz Refill Bottle - No Rinse or Scrub Daily Bathroom Cleaner

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  • SHOWER SPRAY: Easy Shower Spray is the easy way to step into a clean, fresh shower every day! When used regularly, it keeps shower surfaces free of dirt, soap scum and stain build-up.
  • MULTI-SURFACE FORMULA: Use on all shower surfaces, including walls, fixtures, curtains, doors and floors. It contains no harsh chemicals and delivers a fresh, clean scent so your bathroom smells as good as it looks.
  • PAIN-FREE CLEANING: Stop breaking your back trying to scrub away soap scum,  and hard water stains in the shower. With Fuller Brush Easy Shower Spray, you just spray and walk away!

The easy way to step into a clean, fresh shower every day! Keeps shower surfaces free of dirt, soap scum and water stain build-up when used regularly. Easy to use – just spray and walk away. No rinsing, wiping or scrubbing needed. Already have hard water and soap build-up? – with regular use, Easy Shower Spray will loosen built-up deposits. Use on all shower surfaces: walls, fixtures, curtains, doors and floors. Contains no harsh chemicals. Leaves a fresh, clean scent. Originally called FullGuard 24 fl. oz. Made in USA.   REFILL BOTTLE

First use our Bath clean (780) or Dissolve (674) to give the shower a good thorough cleansing. After using the shower immediately apply Easy Shower spray on all surfaces. Do not rinse, wipe or scrub. If streaks appear, rinse surface and apply less. If you are starting with a very soiled shower, immediate results will not be seen. Use every time you use the shower and in 2-3 weeks you should have a clean shower.. To maintain and keep shower looking fresh and clean use every time after shower. Do not use on natural marble, brass, acrylic, glass or varnished wood. For all other surfaces test in an inconspicuous area.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Barbara Hildebrand

Easy Shower Spray 24 oz Refill Bottle - No Rinse or Scrub Daily Bathroom Cleaner

Gloria Miller
! Looks nice and clean.

After shower spray keeps it clean and smells good too.

Thomas Browning
To early

I give it 5 stars, only because no algae in grout yet. There probably hasn't been enough time, yet, for algae to establish itself in the new grout, that i installed around tub. Only time will tell. Spray gun seems good and bottles seems well made. I remember a fuller brush salesman, with product in truck, that would always come to our house in Jax Fl, around the year 1960. He kept coming back, even when my dog would chase him back to his truck, I have full confidence in Easy shower spray.

Ellen Herrmann
Easy Shower Spray

I love this shower spray and order it constantly. It is so nice that I don't have to scrub the shower. It just wipe it down alittle and that's it. Great product!

mary ann griffin
the best shower spray ever

i have been using this shower spray for several months.i love it and it is so easy.
i am so glad i purchased it.thank you.griff