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Fuller Brush 86 Super-Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent - Mild & Unscented

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  • Super concentrated strong liquid
  • Up to 86 washer loads
  • Dye & Fragrance free
  • For Sensitive skin
  • 1 Gallon
  • Safe for HE front loaders, Uses less when used as HE
  • Made in the USA

Our super exclusive concentrated detergent powerfully removes stains from clothing & fabrics. Removes hard to remove stains while still being able to be used on sensitive skin. Deep cleans, brightens colors and whitens whites - up to 86 loads! Doubles as pre-treatment for stubborn stains. Excellent performance in all water types and temperatures. Dye and fragrance free formula is hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin. Enzyme based formula removes any type of stain, including dirt,grass and blood. Use only 1-1/2 fl. oz. in any water type or temperature. 129 fl oz. (1 Gallon) Use with our 952 dispensing pump for gallon bottles for easy drip free dispensing.

Top Loading Washers: Normal Loads = 1-1/2 fl. oz. Large or Heavy Soiled Loads = up to 2 fl. oz. Front Loading Washers: Normal Loads = 3/4 fl. oz Large or Heavy Soiled Loads = up to 1-1/2 fl. oz Pre-Treatment of Tough Sports and Stains: Rub Fuller 86 Liquid Laundry Detergent directly onto stain (some stains may require pre-soaking). Use with our 952 dispensing pump for gallon bottles for easy dispensing.

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In the good'ol days when products were made to last... wait, you can still get them, yes you guessed it, here at Fuller Brush. With over 100 years of quality, knowledge, and expertise lying behind each and every product we manufacture.

Alfred Fuller started with a hand wired brush machine, manufacturing with his bare hands. He then ran from door to door selling to households across the states, all the while digesting the feedback he received, proving invaluable information where he incorporated them to truly make the best products on the market.

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Customer Reviews

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Fuller makes the Greatest Products

Fuller Brush has always made the Greatest Products. I used to sell Fuller Brush products and my customers had nothing but praise for them. I bought 4 products recently and one of them is the Fuller Brush 86 super-concentrated liquid - miild and unscented laundry detergent. It is a Great product

very good!

The last order and most orders from Fuller Brush are very good! But, I ordered a Broom for my son a few years ago and it did not come with the black piece to put the two handles together and I have written you several times. If you have sent out this piece I have not received the black piece. Would you please send this piece to Donna M. Burley, PO Box 555, 9 Lawrence Street, Pepperell, MA 01463.


This laundry soap cleans well. Buy a pump to go with the gallon. 1/2 plump does it! Fresh and clean!

Laundry Detergent

Long-lasting, effective, quality product

Concentrated laundry detergent

Super product. Used it for years. To bad we can only get it on line now. Used to go to the factory store In Great Bend to get what I needed. Would be nice if we could do so again.