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House of Fuller® Lustrebrush Professional With Natural Boars Hair Bristles for Gentle Brushing

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  • Soft, natural boar bristles for gentle brushing
  • Each bristle has tiny scales that clean hair, gently
  • Bristles lift hair to add body & distribute natural hair oil
  • Easy to grasp contoured plastic handle
  • Great for smoothing straight, short, fine or damaged hair
  • Overall length 7.75", 1.4"Width, bristle area 4" long, height of brush 1.4"
  • Made in the USA.

    The Lustrebrush Professional Hairbrush was built with natural top-quality boar hair bristles for gentle brushing of straight, short, fine or damaged hair. The heirloom quality brush with superior performance is gentler on your natural hair. This brush is great for distributing your hair's natural oils while softy touching & smoothing the hair. The boar hair bristles are tufted in a slight concave pattern for short or fine hair. The Lustrebrush Professional Hairbrush lightly skims the surface of the hair which makes this brush great for damaged hair or hair that is falling out. Easy to grasp contoured plastic handle. Not for detangling. Made in the USA.

    Softly brush through hair to smooth.

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In the good'ol days when products were made to last... wait, you can still get them, yes you guessed it, here at Fuller Brush. With over 100 years of quality, knowledge, and expertise lying behind each and every product we manufacture.

Alfred Fuller started with a hand wired brush machine, manufacturing with his bare hands. He then ran from door to door selling to households across the states, all the while digesting the feedback he received, proving invaluable information where he incorporated them to truly make the best products on the market.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Anthony Thomas,
The Best !

Been waiting over a year to purchase more "527 FB" Hair brush.
The best brush that I have ever used.
Sadly, Fuller "Brush " Co. can't seem to get a new inventory. .

Elizabeth deForest
These never die

I had one of these for years until I cut my hair short. When I grew my hair out again I picked one up from Vermont Country store. It is still like new and nothing is better for hair than boar bristles. My mom was a Fuller Brush salesman in the 70's and when she died in 2018 everything she had from back then was still in perfect shape and is being used by my adult children. I am so happy Fuller Brush was taken back private again. I came here to buy brooms that would work and not need replacing, but popped in to see if my favorite brush was still for sale. These are better for my hair than Mason Pearson brushes and a fraction of the price.

Lori Floodberg

My Dad was a Fuller Brush dealer for almost 50 years. The hair brush is great!!

Christopher Conroy


Nedra Betts

Very good