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Furry Wand Duster with Adjustable Handle

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  • EFFICIENT DESIGN FOR CLEANING: Fuller Brush Furry Wand Duster performs exceptionally well in removing dust, lint, fuzz and cobwebs from all areas of your home, including blinds, banisters, bookcases, walls, corners, woodwork and more.
  • BEST DUSTING MATERIAL: The multi-color polystatic netted fibers create an electrostatic charge to help attract and hold the dust, lint and tiniest particles of dirt until shaken from the Duster.
  • NARROW DESIGN FOR TIGHT PLACES: Fuller’s Furry Wand Duster is narrow and over 30 inches long to reach tight places and dust large areas, such as the top of a refrigerator and between appliances.
  • BENDABLE & EXTRA REACH: Fuller’s Furry Wand Duster is easy to bend and reach unusual places. For extra reach, unscrew the hang-up hook on the end of the handle and attach Fuller’s Adjustable Telescopic Handle which adjusts from 29 to 52 inches.

Fuller’s Furry Wand Duster is narrow and measures over 30 inches long to reach tight places and dust large areas, such as the top of a refrigerator and between appliances. The Duster is easy to bend and reach unusual places. For extra reach, attach Fuller’s Adjustable Telescopic Handle which adjusts from 29 to 52 inches

For extra pick-up power the Furry Wand Duster may be sprayed with Fuller’s Duster Spray (sold separately.)

1.After use, shake the Duster head over a waste basket or outdoors.
2.Clean the Duster head with a vacuum if needed.
3.After many uses and particularly if fan blades had greasy residue,the Duster head may be washed
using a mild soap, such as dishwashing liquid. Wring out thoroughly by hand, shake well to fluff the fibers ,and let thoroughly dry.
4.Hang and keep in a dry location.

Made in Taiwan

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