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Grill Clean + Barbecue Grill Brush W/ Nylon Bristles - Safe for Ceramic, Porcelain, Teflon, Non-Stick Grills

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  • Powerful foaming action
  • Removes burnt on grease and food
  • The easy way to clean your grill
  • High heat nylon bristles that withstand heat up to 250˚F without melting
  • Extra thick & stiff (rust free) nylon bristles that have superior resistance to bending
  • Nylon Bristles were constructed to be securely stapled into the plastic block with extra bristles in each tuft to generate absolute scrubbing power
  • Different lengths of the bristles allow for better reach to clean your grills
  • Safe for use on ceramic, porcelain, Teflon or non-stick grills
  • Lightly textured & contoured handle designed for a more secure & comfortable grip while giving you the best scrubbing power handy hang-up hole on handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 9” overall length
  • Made in the USA


Our new Fuller Grill Clean is amazing. A foaming BBQ Grill Cleaner that if you use a grill you can't be without. Thick foaming action loosens burnt on grease and food from grills, racks, and utensils. Just spray and watch the foam go to work. Clean both the inside and outside of your grill to keep it looking new. 16 oz. spray can. Made in the USA

Allow surface to cool before cleaning. Remove large food and grease deposits. Place racks or utensils on layers of newspaper. Shake can before using. Hold can 4-6 inches from surface and spray thoroughly and cover with foam. Allow foam to penetrate for 1-2 minutes. Brush all residue and rinse. Extremely soiled surfaces may require a second application or scrubbing with a steel brush. Use in a well ventilated area.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Very very good cleaner

I bought this to give it a crack and it works very very well. Previously I had only rinsed my grill with water every now and then so it's baked on pretty thoroughly. One heavy coat of this and it melted the grease away. Worked very well. I forgot the warming rack was silver that's how well it worked.

I didn't take the grates out and all that. Just sprayed it on the grill and scraped it off
Just ensured to very thoroughly rinse off after to make sure no residue remained.

minerba uriostegui

Grill Clean + Barbecue Grill Brush W/ Nylon Bristles - Safe for Ceramic, Porcelain, Teflon, Non-Stick Grills

Does a great clean up job.

I love this product

Works really well

I bought the set for my Dad as a "start of grilling season" present - he grills almost every day in the summer. He cleaned his cast iron grates with them and said it worked really well & less scrubbing that previous cleaners. Plus, when he saw the logo it jogged the memory of the Fuller Brush Man coming to his house as a kid :)

Lucia LaPalme
Grill Brush/cleaner

It’s better than what I’ve used before but not quite as amazing as it was made out to be. Part of the issue is the grill itself.
This is a George Forman Grill, our 3rd one. Unfortunately, the quality of the grill is not as good as it was when George actually had ownership.