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Horsehair Bench Brush + Metal Dustpan

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  • Natural horsehair and polypropylene bristles removes fine dust and heavy debris
  • 13 1/2 Inch overall length
  • Made in the USA

Our Bench Brush is densely filled with a special blend of natural horsehair and nylon to easily and effectively remove both fine dust and heavy debris. This special blend provides just the right sweeping action – all horsehair would be too soft – and the nylon helps provide firmness and retain shape to the bristles. Bristles are staple set for durability in a natural wood block. Leather strap for hanging. 8” long bristle area. 13 1/2” overall length. Comes with a leather hang up strap. Made in the USA.

Plus  Metal Dustpan

  • CLEAN SWEEP: Our House of Fuller steel dust pan is an easy, dependable solution for a clean sweep as the even edge of the opening prevents dust and dirt from escaping your sweep.
  • DURABLE BUILD: Heavy-duty steel construction is long-lasting and durable.
  • EFFICIENT CLEANING: Long, easy to grip handle with hang-up hole. Dust collection area: 12" W x 8" L. Overall length: 13-3/4" including handle.

There is no mess too big or too small for this House of Fuller 12” Metal Dustpan. Designed for heavy use in garage, basement, shop, or commercial use, this heavy-duty dustpan can withstand rigorous daily use without bending and breaking. The heavy-weighted dustpan stays put in its spot as you sweep making it easy to collect all that dust and debris into its wide 12” open end. Its even edge is designed for a clean sweep as it prevents dust and dirt from escaping your sweep. Having a long and easy-to-grip handle makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use and has a handy hang-up hole on the handle for easy storage. The baked-on enamel finish makes it tougher and adds an attractive shine. Constructed for heavy duty use with one-piece of strong steel. This is a dustpan that will last.

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In the good'ol days when products were made to last... wait, you can still get them, yes you guessed it, here at Fuller Brush. With over 100 years of quality, knowledge, and expertise lying behind each and every product we manufacture.

Alfred Fuller started with a hand wired brush machine, manufacturing with his bare hands. He then ran from door to door selling to households across the states, all the while digesting the feedback he received, proving invaluable information where he incorporated them to truly make the best products on the market.

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Customer Reviews

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Barbara Glickstein
A Family Legacy

My Beloved Father, Herbie, was a door-to-door "Fuller Brush Man" in the 1950s as a second job to support his family of 4 kids. Purchasing the Horsehair Bench Brush + Metal Dustpan replaced the ones I took from my parent's home. Every sweep up using these incredibly well-made tools connects me to him and always makes the job at hand easy.

Marie Mendoker


Major Caroline E. Brown
Seems good...need to get some use in first

You really do send these out before people can get a lot of use out of them...

Christopher Riess
Brushes dust off the house

Our City Council are a bunch of confused lunatics, using our tax money to build some ridiculous bike lane across the street from our house. This is a fancy one that requires them to tear up the whole damned street. It’s bad enough that is is causing havoc with parking, but worse, I just had the house painted and now there is dust and filth everywhere. The brush. Is useful on the flat services. My vote will be required to oust our city council person in November.

Deb M
Still the "gold standard"!

I got one of these sets many years ago from my parents and they had it for many, many years before that. Among other things, we were using it the clean off the outdoor furniture. Our backyard furniture areas expanded, so we needed another brush set and I thought of Fuller Brush. And, indeed, it is still as awesome now as it was then! Thank you!