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Kitchen Broom Black Light Compact. With 2 Piece Threaded Steel Handle

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  • Steel handle with durable no-break steel threads formed directly into the steel handle
  • Painted with baked-on durable black enamel
  • FINE PARTICLE PICK UP: Made with Fuller Brush quality split-end (flagged) polystyrene bristles - insuring pickup of fine particles including sugar, salt and crumbs on all hard surfaces
  • SUPERIOR REACH: Specifically designed with a low profile rectangular head to easily reach under your kitchen cabinets and along all baseboards. 10” sweeping path.
  • Durable polystyrene bristles rinse-clean easily, resist setting and resist mildew.
  • Made in the USA

Our lightweight & compact Kitchen Broom Head is sure to pick up the finest dust, debris and crumbs from your hard floors. The split-end, flagged, polystyrene bristles insure pickup of fine particles such as sugar, salt, hair, lint and crumbs. Specifically designed with a low profile rectangular head to reach under your kitchen cabinets and along all baseboards. Bristles are 3 inches long. 10 inch sweeping path. Comes with the 2 piece threaded steel handle. Our handle has durable no break steel threads formed directly into the steel handle. Easy to use, just thread handle and screw into the kitchen broom head. Comes with handy hang up hook. Handle 46” overall length

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Customer Reviews

Based on 136 reviews
Jeri Revelle
My second broom

50 years ago I was given a Fuller Brush broom for a wedding gift, I loved it and decided to replace it with another one. It is the best broom!

Great for dog hair

I have a yellow Labrador retriever that sheds like crazy at different points of the year. With a regular broom, the hair just gets caught in the bristles, but the bristles on this broom are soft and thick enough to sweep all of it right up. I no longer need to use a Swiffer to get all the hair up. I wondered if the premium price was worth it, but it definitely is. Fuller Brush to the rescue again!

Cara Forcucci

I'm very happy with my new broom. I had 1 yrs ago. I lost it in a move. I just wish it weren't so expensive 😪 I also wish the bristles were on an angle.

Ellen Schulze
clean sweep

I love the way the broom sweeps clean on the first pass. The broom is rather narrow which works out well for getting into small spaces. Sometimes I wish it were wider when I'm trying to get over wide open spaces.

Valerie l Pettie
It’s O.K. But I really wanted the stainless steel broom with metal handle.

Is the stainless steel broom available at this time or is it still sold out.