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Lambswool Australian Lambswool Duster w/ Long Wooden Handle

SKU 19407-FB

  • DELICATE DUSTING: It’s the ideal tool for all your delicate dusting. Our House of Fuller Lambswool Duster gently dusts delicate objects without a scratch. Perfect for dusting screens, picture frames, pianos, plant leaves, chandeliers, glass sculptures & more.
  • AUSTRALIAN LAMBSWOOL: Made of the finest Australian Lambswool with natural lanolin that attracts and picks up dust and polishes the surface.
  • HARD-TO-REACH SPOTS: Perfect for dusting narrow areas including window blinds, banisters, behind wall-mounted screens, behind furniture, around appliances, on top of books, electronics.
  • PREMIUM MAKE: The natural Australian Lambswool is securely fastened into a solid wood handle with a convenient leather hang up strap for storage. 28" overall length.

Use our House of Fuller Lambswool Duster to gently dust around your most delicate objects and surfaces. The Lambswool Duster is gentle on delicate surfaces and polishes them while cleaning without leaving a scratch. This fluffy duster is made of the finest Australian Lambswool containing natural lanolin. The natural lanolin within the duster head does double duty as it attracts and picks up dust while polishing the surfaces as you clean. It easily goes in small and tight places to grab dust from all surfaces. It's like gentle little fingers swirling around & dusting your items. The contoured wooden handle offers convenience of movement and superior control. The natural wood handle has a convenient leather hang up strap for storage. Our duster is built to last. 28” overall duster length.

Shake out the dust when finished and occasionally wash the wool in mild water to keep it fresh for many years of use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Easy to dust everywhere. Love it!!

Easy to dust and get into tight spaces

A Dream for Dusting

I hate dusting, but the Fuller Brush Lamswool Duster really simplifies this task. I used it on furniture, electronics, and kick-knacks. It is gentle, efficient, and easy to clean with dish soap/water. I hung it outside to dry in the sun.


It seems to be a good quality item but I haven’t used it yet so I can’t give an honest review.

Works great

Easy to use and captures all the dust bunnies!

Dusting is a Dream

I could sing like Snow White as I use my Australian Lambswool duster. With ease I reach corners of the ceilings or curly-cues in my lamps where the cobwebs hang. No bending is necessary when I dust the spindles or between the rails of my wooden chairs. I softly brush the sides of my furniture, entire walls of panelling, and wooden slats in my doors with ease, and no fuzz remains in rough places. It's a wonderful tool.