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Large Surface Duster with Adjustable Handle

SKU 56040808-FB

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  • SPEEDY DUSTING: Keep you home dust-free the fast-effective way - cover more space in less time with our Fuller Brush Large Surface Duster.
  • ATTRACTS DUST: With the use of static-electricity - the Large Surface Duster quickly and efficiently attracts, traps and holds dust and hair.
  • MULTI-SURFACE DUSTER: Grab a Fuller Brush for all your dusting needs - use it for cobwebs, blinds, pictures, furniture, electronics and all over the house.
  • COMES COMPLETE: Need to reach your ceiling fans or high light fixtures or any other far spots? Attach the included Adjustable Telescopic Steel Handle (808) to give another 29" to 52" reach.
  • 23" overall length of duster.

Don't use a small duster to keep your home dust-free! Use the Fuller Brush Full Connect Large Surface Duster to dust more space in less time! This duster uses static electricity to quickly attract and trap dust and hair to the duster. Use it to clean furniture, light fixtures, pictures, bookcases, screens, car interiors and more. The soft fibers conform to all surfaces and spread out to cover a maximum amount of surface. The fluffy, synthetic material is safe for all surface of material, and will lift up dust without any harm possible. The duster is 23" long with a 15" duster head. Need further reach? Attach the included Fuller Brush Adjustable Telescopic Steel Handle (808) for an additional 29" to 52" reach, just unscrew the hang up hook on the bottom of the duster to connect to handle. T

Duster made in Taiwan.

Adjustable handle made in USA

To clean: Bang again an outside wall to get off debris from duster.

can be hand washed with gentle detergent and air dried.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Sonja Whitley
Great tool

Very happy with the size of this duster. Easy to get to all places.


Lightweight & picks up dust easy

Gloria Miller
Long reach

Fuller brush always fulfills its promises to make my life easier and better. The big duster is almost as tall as me when fully extended!
Teaching the corners in the high ceiling is a snap now.
I’m 82 so it’s just a tad bigger than I thought but it will always save my back!
Delivered so fast which I like!

Large Surface Duster w/Handle -- Little Too Heavy

My opinion of this item is "it's okay." The duster is a little too large and a little too heavy for an elderly person to handle with ease. My recommendation would be to make the same duster w/handle but a little smaller and lighter for those of us with physical limitations.

Suzanne Heitzman

Great products