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Rubber Broom

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GET RID OF HAIR ON CARPETS: Our Fuller Brush Rubber Broom efficiently removes hair, lint, fuzz, dust bunnies and dirt particles from carpets, floors, ceramic tile, stairs, upholstery and more.
 ELECTROSTATIC ACTION GATHERS HAIR: Unlike other brooms that can cause hair to flyaway,
electrostatic action created from short strokes of the rubber bristles (when PULLED toward you) causes pet hair, lint and fuzz to accumulate for easy removal.
 Our Fuller Brush Rubber Broom contains over 700 flexible rubber bristles to thoroughly grab, hold and remove hair, fuzz and lint (when PULLED toward you)
 These rubber bristles are completely washable with mild soap and water.
 MULTIPLE USES: In addition to removing hair and debris from carpets and floors, our Rubber Broom with built-in squeegee can be used with water and cleaner to scrub floors and wash exterior windows and vinyl siding.

The Fuller Brush Rubber Broom contains over 700 Bristles in 11 rows, which are offset to gather all debris and dirt particles. At 12 inches in width, the Broom cleans efficiently while fitting into small areas.

Unlike other brooms that can cause hair to flyaway, electrostatic action created from short strokes of the rubber bristles (when PULLED toward you) causes pet hair, lint, fuzz and dust bunnies to accumulate for easy removal. On carpet, floors and upholstery, PULL the Rubber Broom toward you in short strokes.
An electrostatic charge will help pull the hair, lint and fuzz into the bristles while accumulating in front of the bristles. Sweep the hair and other debris into a dustpan, or if needed, rinse the Broom Head under running water.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Wanda Hk
Fuller Rubber Broom

Works as advertised. Can't wait to try it on my windows this spring.

Alice graves

I just love it. It gets the dust and cat hair up so well.

Paula Updike
I am sure it will be Perfect

I purchased the items to help me to reach hard to clean areas. Mostly caused by dog hair. But my dog got sick this week and passed. So I will wait until we purchase another to see if it helps.

Nancy S

I wasn’t as happy with this as I had hoped. It is somewhat effective at gathering dog hair on the carpet but I find my dog’s rubber brush better. It is wonderful on the linoleum, however.

Kate Steel

Very please with this broom. It lives up to all the positive reviews. Great for dog hair!