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Spin Mop Bucket System - 2 Microfiber Heads

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  • HANDS FREE BREEZE MOPPING with the Spin Mop and Bucket: At Fuller Brush we designed an absolute hands free mopping system - Never again get dirty while ringing your wet mop out by hand! The spin mop simply wrings out by placing the head in the spinner and pumping the foot pedal. You have control over the level of moisture you desire for the mop, no need to have more water on the floor than necessary.
  • YOUR FLOORS WILL SPARKLE: The microfiber strand mop heads are made with Nano-technology and are ultra-absorbent for all your floor cleaning. With our Fuller Brush mop you will easily clean the  tough dirt, grime and any kind of sticky spill with a simple swipe across your floor. No need to ever again exert yourself in order to have clean floors. Just run the mop over your floor and your house will sparkle like never before.
  • SLASH YOUR CLEANING TIME WITH OUR EASY CLEANING SYSTEM: Fuller Brush's unique 360-degree spinning mop will make your cleaning fast with an easy swivel while maneuvering around your chairs, table legs, narrow places and all other household obstacles - even the toilet bowl.
  • IDEAL FOR ALL YOUR HARD FLOORS: This one expert spin mop system was created for all the hard floors of your house. Use it on all hard surfaces including hardwood floors, ceramic tile, marble, laminate, vinyl, and concrete. Lightweight and easy to use, you will always be pleased.
  • THE STRONGEST NON-BREAKABLE SPIN MOP AND BUCKET: Bucket is non-breakable; tested by standing on the edges while filled with water. The sturdy handle connects on ends of the bucket for stability and strength - there is no swaying and tipping of water from front to back when moving. Incomparable to any of our competitor's spin mops. 

Clean floor, clean hands, and a clear mind! Don't fret over routine chores again - tackle them in no time with Fuller Brush's handy helpers like this Hands-Free Mop and Spin Bucket Combo. The rotating mop head is specially designed with the busy housekeeper in mind while it maneuvers into all the hard to reach areas. The Fuller Brush Spin Mop Exclusive gives you the control over the dampness you desire for your mop, hands-free wringing and fast mopping with the ultra-absorbent mop strands; while never needing to bend down again! Includes 1 extra refill Mop head.

Microfiber is designed to Grab and Hold the dirt so This is the reason that it: Cleans the Floor Surface Very Well. This is also the reason that Microfiber is very difficult to Rinse Clean. At each 1/4 inch – on each Strand – we wrap the Strand with thread – otherwise the Microfiber Head would become a tangled ball of individual tiny microfiber threads. Floor should be Swept or Vacuumed before Mopping. At some point – depending on usage and floor conditions – the Microfiber Mop Head will need to be replaced.

Size: 20” Long by 11.5” Wide by 10” High.  It holds up to 1.75 gallons (7 quarts) of water to the maximum Fill Line.  Without water weighs 4 pounds. With Gallon of water weighs about 12 pounds

Spin mop made in Taiwan

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Customer Reviews

Based on 463 reviews
Jeanette Noechel
Spin mop review — ok, not great

Not bad, but could be better. Bucket and spin system work great. The mop heads though…positively anemic. That mop head needs to be waaay fuller. Hard to scrub with, as the mop fibers (far too few) slip back and I’m scratching the floor with the base of the head. The only way to use it is to stand right on top of it and scrub with little scrubbing motions. But it did do a decent job once I figured that out.

Oh, and the fill line on the mop bucket isn’t easy to see, at least for an old fart like me.

Pat Frick
Great mop system

I used the mop, bucket and oil soap and the floors look beautiful. I love it

Janet Singleton

Love it!

Vicky Wesson
Good to mop again

I hate mopping but not anymore. It was so simple and got the floor so clean. So glad I got this mop.

Cynthia Cornejo
Spin away dirt

Love the spin mop and floor cleaner! My floors never looked so sparkly! Thank you for such a great cleaning system! Worth every penny.