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Silver Cleaner Polish 4 in 1 Cleaning Action 8 oz.

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  • COMPLETE 4 IN 1 CLEANING ACTION:  Exclusive Silver Cleaner Polish formula provides quick and safe cleaning with 4 In 1 Action – 1) Soap loosens dirt; 2) Detergent cuts film; 3) Solvent removes tarnish; and, 4) Polishing agent restores shine.
  • LEAVES ANTI-TARNISH PROTECTION:  Keep your silver pieces looking beautiful with built-in protectant to help guard against the environmental causes of tarnish. Enjoy the sparkle and luster of your decorative pieces for longer periods between – necessary cleanings.
  • MULTIPLE USES:  Formulated to clean and protect silver plate, sterling, stainless steel, chrome and fine antique silver – including platters, silverware, utensils, teapot and cup sets, candlesticks and decorative pieces.
  • EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE:  For generations, customers have used this exact formula to clean and protect their heirloom quality silver keepsakes, cherished treasures and fine antique silver. You can enjoy the incredible cleaning and protection abilities of this time-proven formula. 
  •  Made in the USA
  • 8 Fl. Oz


4 In 1 Cleaning Action

When your silver pieces need cleaning – reach for the Silver Cleaner Polish formula with the most thorough cleaning action.

 1) Soap loosens any dirt deposits, food or grime.

2) Detergent cuts the film that builds up on the surface.

3) Solvent removes the tarnish caused by oxidation from environmental elements touching the surface.

4) Polishing agent restores the shine and luster of the silver surface.

Anti-Tarnish Protection

Now – you can extend the brilliant shine of your wonderful silver pieces with the built-in protectant formulated into our Silver Cleaner Polish. Not only will the 4 in 1 Action provide a most thorough clean – but, this exclusive formula provides ongoing protection against build-up of tarnish from the exposure to the environment. Enjoy the brilliance of your silver pieces for longer periods between cleaning.

Multiple Use Cleaner / Protectant

Not only will Silver Cleaner Polish offer quick cleaning and a lasting shine on your silver pieces – but, also on sterling pieces, stainless steel and chrome surfaces. Use on platters, silverware, utensils, teapot and cup sets, candlesticks, decorative pieces and fine antique silver – plus stainless steel or chrome faucets and fixtures. (For unlacquered surfaces only.)

Tried And Proven

For generations, customers have used this exact formula to clean and protect their heirloom quality silver keepsakes, fine antique silver and cherished treasures. You can enjoy the incredible cleaning and protection abilities of this time-proven formula. Made in USA.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
It seems good but I was looking for an older product.

Looking for an older product that you heated up and put jewelry into pan and it cleaned it that way. No polishing .


The Silver Cleaning Polish 4 in 1 Cleaning Action did not disappoint. Easy to use with little mess. This will be my go-to silver polish for future polishing jobs. I definitely recommend this product.


This is THE BEST silver polish I have ever used!! I was hoping that the Stanley formula had not been "improved". I am thrilled to say this product polishes silver as well as ever.


Haven’t used this product yet

Best Ever Silver Polish

I grew up with this silver polish, and it is truly the best! For the last several years, I didn’t think you could still buy it and have been trying other products. Nothing comes close! I only need to clean my silver every 4 to 5 months instead of every 2 months with the other polishes.