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Premium Toilet Bowl Plunger with Unique Pistol Grip Handle

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    • Designed with unique easy-to-hold pistol grip handle.
    • Pistol grip handle provides more control and added pressure without tiring of wrist.
    • Rubberized pistol grip is easier to hold without slipping from your hand.
    • Handle from plunger to pistol grip measures nearly 15” to keep your hand away from the water
    • Tapered heavy duty plastic handle will not absorb water like wood handles and is easy to rinse.
    • Premium heavy duty rubber plunger head.
    • Plunger head has center circular flange for a better seal and suction against toilet trap area.
    • Plunger (with center flange pushed inside plunger) can also be used to help clear drains such as Shower, Sink and Floor Drains.
    • 5-5/8” diameter plunger head.
    • Made in China/Taiwan

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Sharon Cole
    Nice plunger

    Haven’t had to use it yet thank heavens but it’s very sturdy. Fuller has very dependable items. This style is very unique. My husband likes it too. I think it was an excellent choice.

    Julie Burghy
    Great Plunger

    I like the grip handle, gives me confidence to get the job done.

    Sandra Arey
    Works great

    I like the handle on this plunger because it makes it easier to use. Totally worth it

    Terri Tention
    Love the handle

    The handle on the toilet plunger makes it so easy to hold.

    Helen Hemberger
    Toilet plunger

    I love the handle so easy to grip. Does a great job plunging.