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Wet Mop + Fuller's Fiesta Floor Cleaner

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Our best floor cleaning combination. Original wet mop and our new Fuller Fiesta floor cleaner.

  • EASY FLOOR CLEANING: Whether you need to do a thorough floor cleaning with a mop and bucket, or just need to clean some dirty spots, grab for some powerful Fuller’s Fiesta Floor Cleaner to get the job done with fresh and clean results! No rinsing is required – which saves you time and effort!
  • CONCENTRATED CLEANING POWER: Save money by using this highly concentrated, cleaning liquid. The 24 fl. oz. bottle provides you with 24 gallons of cleaning liquid with a refreshing citrus scent! For a spray bottle, add only 1 Teaspoon to water in a 16 fl. oz. spray bottle.
  • ALL FLOORS TYPES: The best way to clean floors, this concentrated liquid will safely clean all your vinyl, linoleum, laminate, sealed wood, tile, marble, granite, terrazzo, mosaic and just about any other hard surface that you can think of.
  • SAFE USAGE: Containing biodegradable cleaning agents, this non-abrasive formula does not contain phosphates and is safe for septic systems. Furthermore, the neutral pH solution won't strip away the wax or shine from your floors. Made in USA.

Plus our famous wet mop complete

  • SUPERIOR CLEANING: Nothing cleans floors better than a Fuller Brush Cotton Wet Mop - get your floors cleaner and have them dry faster.
  • HIGH ABSORBENCY: The cotton strands holds 4 times its weight in water.
  • DURABLE HANDLE: Comes complete with a 49" long, 2 Piece Steel Handle (806) which includes a handy hang up hole for simple storage

Your floors can now be immaculate with the use of a Fuller Brush Wet Mop. The super-absorbent Fuller Brush Wet Mop is ideal for quickly yet thoroughly mopping all hard floors including wooden floors, tile floors, kitchen floors, patios, & warehouse floors. The high absorbency cotton of this Wet Mop holds 4 times its weight of water resulting in faster cleaning time. Made with a Fuller Brush Stainless Steel Channel Clamp that secures the cotton strands to prevent shedding. The oval shaped, open center frame allows better air circulation to dry faster and reduce mildew. Our mop will last quite a while. 100% cotton tension-twisted strands for superior cleaning power and durability. Comes with the heavy-duty Fuller Brush 2 Piece Steel Handle (806). See and feel the difference in your floor cleaning with a Fuller Brush Wet Mop. Head 8 x 11 x 2

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Debra Lashbrook
Wet mop

Love it! My grandma had this kind and have been looking for a long time. Glad I found you. Thank you Debra

Sharon Cordary
Great wet mop

I use this great mop to clean all the floors in my home - both tile and hardwood. The handle is light enough so that I don't need to tire my arms when using it.

Kathy Mawer
Love your floors

I love Fiesta floor cleaner so much that now I love my floors. Thanks to Fuller Brush!

Betty Badger
Floor Mop and Cleaner

I love the mop and the cleaner is the best ever. Thank you!


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