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15 Unconventional Uses for Dish Soap

15 Unconventional Uses for Dish Soap

  1. Manicures - Natural oils stick to your fingernails, making it difficult for nail polish to stick. Mixing a drop of dish soap in a bowl of warm water and soak your hands for approximately five minutes before you apply your nail polish, your manicure will last longer
  2. Lightening Hair - If your next home hair coloring is a tad darker than you were hoping, wash your hair with dish soap to lighten your hair a shade or two
  3. Cure Poison Ivy - Poison ivy spreads when the oils from the blisters spread on your skin. Wash the affected area with dish soap to dry up the oils
  4. Cure Foggy Glasses Lenses - Rub a drop of dish soap directly on the lenses and then wipe clean without rinsing
  5. Wash Hair Brushes - Mix a teaspoon of dish soap with a cup of hot water and soak your hairbrushes. Later rinse and lay them out to dry
  6. Restore Jewelry - Mix one or two drops of dish soap in a bowl of seltzer water and add your jewelry to the bowl. After about five minutes, swish your jewelry around in the bowl and then remove. Scrub them gently with a soft toothbrush and rinse clean
  7. DIY Ice Packs - Fill a freezer bag with dish soap and freeze. You can make long lasting freeze packs that are great for lunchboxes
  8. Clean Your Grill - Mix one cup of dish soap with two gallons of water in a large tub or trash bag and place your grill racks in the mixture for 12 hours. Scrub with a wire brush and rinse
  9. Clean Your Wheels - Mixing warm water with dish soap will take out brake rust with light scrubbing
  10. Kill Weeds - Mix a teaspoon of dish soap with a cup of salt and one gallon of white vinegar. Pour in a spray bottle and eliminate weeds
  11. Remove Oil Stains From Concrete - Dripping oil can be a real eye sore in a driveway or garage. Pour a good amount of baking soda on the stain, then cover in dish soap. Soak the stain for a few hours, then scrub with a scouring brush
  12. Kill Fleas - In a spray bottle, mix a few drops of dish soap and water and spray on carpet or upholstery. The dish soap will dry up the fleas; vacuum up the remnants or bathe your pets to kill fleas on contact
  13. Trap Fruit Flies -Mix two-three drops of dish soap into a bowl of vinegar and leave it on your table or kitchen counter. Vinegar attracts the fruit flies and the soap traps them from flying
  14. Guard Houseplants - Mix a drop of dish soap into a spray bottle with water and mist your house plants to keep them free from bugs
  15. Clean Your Patio Furniture - A mixture of a few drops of dish soap and a bowl of warm water will clean your outside furniture. Wipe the mixture on and let sit for a few minutes. Later hose off your furniture
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