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Solve Bathroom Clutter

Solve Bathroom Clutter

The bathroom is one of those rooms that usually exists in one of two ways.  You either keep yours super clean at all times to avoid embarrassment or is super messy and you have to rush to do a major cleanup when people come over. Either way, you can avoid all the stress with some easy tips to declutter your bathroom and pull off the “elegant” look.  Learn how to love your bathroom, plus earn some bragging rights the next time you throw a house party. 

  • Create Storage — the obvious solution to bathroom clutter is to create storage for the things most bathrooms contain, but are not designed to store.  A jumble of such items as hair dryers, makeup, electric shavers, and magazines can be a headache. Clear countertops not only look cleaner, but they are quicker to clean, because there’s no clutter to clean around and under

  • Tray it up — Bring some order to that bathroom or bedroom drawer. A plastic ice cube tray is the perfect organizer for small items such as bobby pins, hair clips, safety pins, earrings, rings, and spare change.

  • Don’t lose a thing — So that you won’t misplace frequently used times, glue small magnets on the walls of the medicine cabinet to hold nail files, cuticle scissors, clippers, and other small metal objects.

  • Shelf Savers — your medicine cabinet will stay neat and clean with shelf paper made of blotters that can absorb medicine or cosmetic spills.

And if you’re gonna tidy up the bathroom, you might as well keep it smelling fresh.

  • Sprinkle baking soda in the bathroom trash can after each emptying.

  • A dryer sheet can control odor and musty smells under your bathroom sink.

  • Add a perpetual air freshener to the toilet area by keeping baking soda in a pretty dish on top of the tank. Add your favorite scented bath salts to the mix if desired. Change every 3 months.

  • When you hang a new roll of toilet paper, loosely roll up a dryer sheet and place it in side the paper core. The fresh scent will disperse through the small room.

In the bathroom, more is less! If you and everyone who uses the bathroom quick-cleans it every day, you’ll spend less time cleaning it. Fortunately, most bathrooms are made of materials that are easy to keep clean. Tile and porcelain surfaces are stain-resistant if dirt and scum are not allowed to build up on them. 

As always, Fuller Brush has products specifically designed to match up against the most tedious jobs. 

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