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Easy to Clean Tile is the Perfect Versatile, Low Maintenance Design Choice

Easy to Clean Tile is the Perfect Versatile, Low Maintenance Design Choice

Tile is a design staple these days.  Low maintenance and highly durable tile is stylish and modern.  Classic options like the traditional “subway tile” are enjoying a modern renaissance.  Meanwhile newer alternative looks are available to suit just about any vision.  

Tile is easy to keep clean, is durable, affordable, , cool in warm weather and water resistant. Do you have kids, pets, traffic from a backyard pool or sandy environment?  Tile offers an easy option for a beautiful home that is ready for a variety of challenges.

Maintaining your Tile

Tile is truly one of the most low maintenance design materials out there.  It’s easy to keep your tile looking fresh for many years.  Basic tile cleaning is usually all the maintenance required to keep tile looking as perfect as when it was first laid.  

Caring For Your Tile Floors

To maintain your tile floors begin with a quick sweep or run your sweeper to remove any accumulated grit or dust.  Tiles floors don’t absorb spills and won’t discolor or absorb stains.  However, dirt, sand and grit can dull the glazed surfaces of tiles over time if neglected.  

Next grab a mop or cleaning cloth.  When cleaning tile a chamois type mop is preferred over a sponge mop.  While tile itself does not absorb dirty cleaning liquid grout can.  It is better to use a cleaning tool that is not going to spread excess liquids into your grout lines.  

Water or a mild cleaning detergent is all that is usually necessary to take care of most spills and surface residue left behind after sweeping or vacuuming.  After this wet cleaning step give your floors an immediate quick dry to avoid water spots.

Caring For Your Tile Walls and Surfaces

To clean other tile surfaces in your home or business follow the same basic steps as with the floors.  Most other surfaces are unlikely to need the same level of sweeping or vacuuming as your floors.  Still begin with a check for any dust or visible residue that should be brushed away. Particular high use spaces like a kitchen backsplash may need more initial attention. Then proceed with wiping the surfaces down with a damp cloth again using water or mild detergent.  Finish up by giving your tiles a quick dry with a clean cloth.  

Keeping your Grout Clean

Clean grout really helps your tiles shine.  Pay attention to your grout as even the most beautiful tile can show poorly when plagued with dirty or stained grout lines.  Grout is porous and can absorb grease and other staining liquids.  Try to attend to any visible spills and possible stains right away.  

Deep Cleaning Your Grout

When you notice that your grout is looking a little tired or dingy it’s time for some deeper grout cleaning.  Make a paste of grout cleaner.  Rub the paste onto the grout lines an let it sit for a few hours or overnight.  When ready scrub the grout with a stiff bristled nylon brush.  (metal bristles are damaging to grout so give those a miss here).  Wipe away the paste residue and see the difference clean grout lines makes to your tile.

Sealing Your Grout

After a deep cleaning be sure to seal your grout to prevent any mold or mildew stains and keep your grout looking great.  Use a silicon based sealer to reseal your grout regularly.  High traffic areas may need resealing as frequently as every six month.  Low traffic areas and tile surfaces that don’t need frequent cleaning, think a guest bathroom backsplash, can go much longer between sealings.

Tile Offers Versatile Design Options

These days you can find tile options to mimic many other decorating styles and materials as well.  Like the look of marble but on a budget?  You can find a tile to offer the same look in a low maintenance affordable option.  Are you a fan of hardwood floors in the kitchen?  Wood look tiles offer the wipe clean, water resistant advantages of tile with the same look.  

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are both very popular and available in a variety of colors, sizes and styles.  There are options to suit most budgets and your local tile store will likely have a variety of design options in stock.

It is easy to customize the look of any tile you choose.  In addition to the look of the tile itself, overall design can be influenced by many factors.  Variations in the pattern used to lay the tile, the color of grout and even the width of grout lines all offer ways to customize your look.  Even a classic white subway tile can be designed using infinite variations.

Durability of Tile Can’t Be Beat

Most varieties of tile are low maintenance and strong. They withstand heavy traffic, varied temperatures, and spills of all kinds.   If a tile should become cracked or damaged it is usually possible to simply remove the damaged tile and replace it.  With no need to disturb the entire tile surface such repairs are usually quick and inexpensive.   When installed correctly and well maintained your tiles should last for many years.  

Tile is Water Resistant

Tile is not harmed by moist or humid conditions.  This is one reason tile is a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms.  Spills are not absorbed and water will not damage your tile.  Tile is particularly popular in warm climates where its “stays cool” properties are most appreciated.   

Tile Offers Many Affordable Options

Tile is a material that gives you a lot of bang for your buck.  Ceramic tiles are strong and hard wearing and generally the most economical per square foot.  They are available in a variety of designs, sizes, colors and finishes.  Other materials like porcelain, slate, marble, granite and limestone are also available.  While prices vary, all of these materials are a cost effective choice when designing your space.  Because tiles are strong and hard wearing your initial investment lasts for many years.

Tile a Durable Design Choice

Tile is a beautiful, durable and modern design choice that offers options to suit many different decorating styles.  Whether you are investing in a new look or caring for tile you already have, this low maintenance choice is strong, easy to care for and looks great.

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