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Fuller Brush Company - Carpet Sweepers

Fuller Brush Company - Carpet Sweepers

From their status of manual convenience to their evolution as robotic machines, carpet sweepers have become a mainstay of the cleaning brigade. Let's admit, we all need them, whether it is about picking up the trimmed hair strands from a hair studio or discarding fries your toddler has thrown on the carpet. But when it comes to choosing the best carpet sweepers, we all go for one which is safe, lightweight, inexpensive, and, most importantly, powerful enough to address even the little messes on the carpet quickly. 

Electrostatic Carpet sweeper from the Full Brush Company in this regard, has it all you could imagine in your cleaning device. With its efficient design, the model excels at sweeping carpets. The company has years of experience n in designing and delivering specialized sustainable solutions to keep carpets sparkling clean. There is no denying that the carpet sweepers can bring the best value for your money and makes an excellent example of functionality and simplicity.

Let's dig down deeper to find out more about Fuller Brush's electrostatic carpet sweepers.

Electrostatic Carpet and Floor Sweeper

Although it picks up little messes and crumbs on tiled or hard surfaces, Fuller Brush's sweeper model works best on the carpets. The super fast sweeper is not only easy to use but also it moves and rolls up the litter and dust within minutes. Whether you have taller shags, a delicate Persian carpet, or deeper textured rugs, Fuller Brush's carpet sweeper's soft bumper keeps it safe from scratches. 

The secret to this sweeper's efficacy lies in its design and creation. The experts at Fuller Brush create this carpet cleaner with an electrostatic charge that effectively clings to all dust particles, debris, and hair. It sweeps them all into a collection canister. The charge action keeps working with constant forward and backward motions. The reason why it leaves your carpet spotless is that it works in both directions with the same efficacy.  

There is no way you won't love its sturdy metal body, which serves as a protective shield for carpet sweeper. If your children want to help you in house cleaning, Fuller Brush carpet sweeper is the equipment you can give them to do the job without having to worry about their safety. In short, this Electrostatic Carpet & Floor Sweeper can gather up all types of messes, including pet hair, dust, crumbs, glass, and paper, without a hassle. 

What makes this carpet sweeper the best choice is its no-battery feature. This might sound bizarre to you, but this carpet sweeper doesn't need batteries. The carpet sweeper comes with eco-friendly properties. Its natural bristles brush clean residues efficiently, and the vinyl blade sweeps large debris from the floor. 

Not only this, but the ergonomic and sturdy handle also provides great maneuverability when you sweep awkward angles. The size is compact enough to reach the narrow and restricted areas. 

Tools You Need for Carpet Cleaners

  • Roller Cleaner

This roller cleaner is something you need to make the most of your electrostatic carpet sweeper. The experts have designed it to help you clean sweeper's brush roll. The roller cleaner's tiny plastic teeth grab the debris and hair and remove them effectively from the sweeper's handle.

  • Replacement Brush

It is another useful tool you might need to keep your carpet cleaner running and working effectively. The brush comes as a replacement accessory like the vinyl blade rotor and is compatible with all carpet sweepers of Fuller Brush. The horsehair brush is great for quality cleaning or sweeping on both smooth flooring and low-pile carpets. This easy-to-install replacement brush comes with resilient, soft, and durable bristles that can make your carpet sweeper new and effective.

  • Handle Replacement

There is no need to worry if you have damaged your carpet sweeper's handle, or it has loosened the grip for some reason. You can buy these handle replacement pieces and screw them into each other to make a new handle.

Bottom line

In a nutshell, Fuller Brush is undeniably one of the best carpet sweepers you can invest in for robust and reliable performance. The electrostatic carpet sweeper from Fuller Brush Co. gives an effective job you need in terms of operation ease, handling, and cleaning. Plus, the available tools and accessories of this carpet sweeper also make carpet sweeping a breeze.


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