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Fuller Brush Company – Surface Cleaners

Fuller Brush Company – Surface Cleaners

While multipurpose cleaners work on a wide range of services, you tend to notice better results by using a cleaner that is specifically designed for the surface in question. After all, carpet, glass, and wood all have very different textures and porosities. At the same time, you also want some products that can handle multiple tasks, as this makes it easier to keep your home clean. Fuller Brush Company offers a range of surface cleaners, making it easy to target the specific surface that you want to make shine while minimizing the amount of effort you need to put in to get those results.

Something for Every Surface

Saying that there is a Fuller Brush Company surface cleaner for every type of surface is no exaggeration. There are cleaners for windows, appliances, wood, glass, quartz or marble counter-tops, furniture, and carpet or upholstery.

Options for Every Purpose

Some options take care of especially tough situations, such as the Heavy-Duty Multi-Surface Degreasing Spray and the Duster Spray, which makes dusting a breeze. The latter of these is particularly helpful, as it can work on wood surfaces, picture frames, electronics, window blinds, and more, helping you avoid just moving dust around.

The Lemon DCW Furniture Wax is also noteworthy in terms of its ability to serve multiple purposes, as it dusts, cleans, and waxes your furniture in a single step, without leaving residue or stains. It even leaves an invisible protective barrier behind to reduce the need to dust in the future.

Easy to Use

All of these products are designed to work well and be easy to use. Most of the formulas are spray and wipe, letting you just spray the product on the relevant surface, wipe it off, and be impressed with the cleanliness and shine.

Even the products that are not sprays, such as Fuller’s Oil Soap Wood & All Surface Natural Cleaner, are simple to use. You can even put that solution in a spray bottle and dilute it there to apply it before removing any excess liquid using a dry cloth.

Some of the surface cleaners, such as the Fulsol Heavy-Duty Multi-Surface Degreasing Spray, are even designed to make complicated or frustrating tasks significantly easier. Instead of requiring an excessive amount of elbow grease to get the job done, this foaming cleaner works on all hard washable surfaces and does not leave any residue behind.

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Pat - October 26, 2020

I have used the “Fuller original premium floor care “for my tiled floors. It is awesome. Have you discontinued that product?

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