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Fuller Brush Proudly Supports Products Made in the USA 

Fuller Brush Proudly Supports Products Made in the USA 

The desire to shop for Made in the USA products is not a new thing.  Many Americans have been making an effort to support buying products Made in the USA for many years. There are many different reasons why consumers might choose to buy American.  Americans show great pride in their country proudly flying flags, wearing patriotic gear, and even dining on flag decorated cakes on several major national holidays.  Buying Made in the USA products is yet another way for American consumers to express their patriotism.

Buying American is good for the Country

When Americans buy Made in the USA products it definitely benefits their country.  Demand for American made products supports local and national economies.  This creates additional local jobs. When products are sourced and manufactured locally all of the profits benefit Americans.  American suppliers, product designers, assembly line workers, manufacturers, and distributors all win.  When all of that money stays in Americans’ pockets it is usually spent at home too.  This means Americans with jobs, Americans with money to spend, and Americans spending money.  All of which helps to keep the American economy strong and healthy.

You Can Feel Good About Buying American Made Products

When products are manufactured in the USA they are subjected to the high standards demanded here.  The quality controls of products Made in America are excellent.  Buyers can also feel good about their purchase knowing that products are ethically made.  They are made according to US labor laws. Buying locally also means buying green.  Manufacturing and distribution both result in a smaller carbon footprint when buying American made products.  When goods are sourced and produced in the USA less energy is required to bring raw materials together or distribute products out.

Buying Made in the USA Products is Like Buying Local

Many Americans like to live with a “love thy Neighbor” kind of mentality.  Neighborhood websites are common and neighbors are often requesting advice on local restaurants, businesses, and tradesmen.  A desire to see their business benefit someone locally is expressed frequently.  The Fuller Brush Company has a long history of personal connection with its customers.  The original Fuller Brush Man would actually visit customers personally door to door demonstrating products and discussing their usefulness with those he visited.  Today buying Made in the USA taps into that long held desire to have a connection to their purchases.  It is one step closer to that personal interaction.

The Fuller Brush Company offers MANY great products that are proudly Made in the USA.  Here are a few popular examples.NOT ALL OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE IN THE USA

  • Grill Clean - It’s summer and while we may still be keeping close to home the warmer weather means those backyard grills are coming out.  Keeping your grill clean is a regular task.  Fuller Brush company’s Grill Clean is a foaming BBQ Grill cleaner great for both inside and outside of your grill.  Just spray it on and watch the thick foaming action work its magic on burnt-on food and grease.   
  • Barbeque Grill brush - Use Grill Clean with our tough and durable Barbecue Grill Brush.  Built with extra thick and stiff high heat nylon bristles you won’t be finding these bristles in your food.  Safe for ceramic, Teflon, and non-stick grills as well.
  • Super Strength Dish Soap - Available in three refreshing scents this dish soap is gentle on your hands and super concentrated so you use less.  It’s tough on grease and makes loads of long-lasting suds.  Free from phosphates, chlorine, and petroleum solvents it’s safe to use and biodegradable.  
  • Use with one of our Made in the USA dish brushes.  The Pretty and Pink Soft Bristle Scrub Brush with scraper offers efficient scratch-free cleaning while our Dish Brush with Stiff Memory Bristles is specially designed for the rounded contours of dishes, bowls, pots, and pans.  
  • Pretty and Pink Sports Bottle Brush and our classic Jar Brush with Easy Grip Natural Wood Handle - As Americans embrace the healthy choice of staying hydrated personal reusable water bottles are popping up everywhere.  Fuller Brush offers two different Made in the USA bottle brushes to help you keep them clean.  These handy bottle brushes are perfect for reaching into tall water bottles.  They work great on other hard to clean items like deep narrow vases too.  Their unique twist of bristles at the end makes cleaning in all directions easy for a thorough deep clean.
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