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Fuller Brush Company Mops

Fuller Brush Company Mops

In this uncertain world, old fashioned is becoming new again as more people demand products that are effective and that last. That is why I have turned to Fuller Brush Company brand of mops and dusters for all of my cleaning needs. Fuller is one of those names that you remember seeing throughout the house as a kid. My grandparents and parents trusted them and now I do because quality cleaning products are so hard to come by these days. I am tired of buying replacement cartridges and cloths and I can use Fuller Brush Company mops over and over again because they are well made and durable. Today you can not find a better Mop and Bucket combination.

Easy Mopping System

I am not sure that you can get a floor as clean as you can with a Fuller Brush Company Spin Mop and Bucket System. The round design and the microfiber head allow me to move the mop around my awkward furniture and table legs with ease. No more missed areas are left behind because of an oddly-shaped head. And Fuller Brush Company has made the worst part about using a mop non-existent: the wringing. Their Easy Wring 360° Spin system keeps your hands clean while effectively wringing out the mop head so you can put it away dry and fresh. 

I feel comfortable in my home again now that every inch of my floor is sparkling clean and disinfected. Fuller also includes two microfiber mop heads with the purchase so you can use this mopping system for a long time before worrying about replacing anything. 

Classic Wet Mop and Bucket

If you are into really old-school, Fuller Brush Company classic wet mop heads are readily available on their website. They are still made with 100% cotton tension-twisted strands that can hold 4 times their weight in water which greatly reduces cleaning time. I take classes at a yoga studio and they were wondering how best to clean after each class. I suggested using a Fuller Brush Company classic wet mop. Sometimes the easiest answer is the best one and now the studio is using a Fuller Brush Company classic wet mop to keep us all safe. 

Fuller Brush Company Dusters

I used to find it best to ignore dust buildup up on my light fixtures and on the tops of doors and cabinets because it was so hard to reach with anything hand-held. Then I found Fuller Brush Company’s Double-sided Microfiber Flip Mop with a telescopic handle. I never understood the importance of clean surfaces and fixtures until I bought this duster. The air quality in my home has improved because I am able to reach high vents with the telescopic handle that were formerly caked with a dusty buildup. It is also nice to pull a box of cereal off the top of the fridge and not have a trail of dust bunnies fall on my head because the double-sided microfiber cloth lets me clean up there without having to see what I am doing.

Feel Safe at Home with Fuller 

Cleaning is an important chore especially in today’s world, and the job is made so easy with Fuller Brush Company’s line of mops and dusters. Their products are durable, dependable, and will leave you satisfied by their effectiveness. Safety begins with a clean home, and that is made possible with Fuller Brush Company mops and dusters.     


Contributing Author - Thomas Cochran

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