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Keep Your Floors Clean with Fuller Brush

Keep Your Floors Clean with Fuller Brush

It seems like there’s always something that needs to be cleaned; at least, in my house that’s the case. If it’s not the kitchen, it’s the bathroom; if it’s not the bathroom, it’s the laundry. And why on earth does it always seem like it’s the floors? Carpets, linoleum, hardwood, laminate; whatever you have it gets dirty. Kids spill their drinks and pets make all kinds of messes (you know what I’m talking about). Especially today, with all the germs and bugs outside, I don’t think I can clean my floors too much. Thanks to Fuller Brush’s amazing line of floor cleaning tools, I not only get peace of mind, but floors I can be proud of. 

Sweep Your Problems Away

Ok, ok, maybe we can’t sweep all of our problems away, but we can sweep our floors and not get annoyed to death by it. If you’re like me and have pets, you know that cat and dog fur gets everywhere! Sometimes my living room looks like a wild west standoff, complete with little balls of fur tumbleweeds gently rolling through. I’ve had enough of that. So, I’m turning to Fuller Brush to help me get this done quickly and painlessly. First, we’ll start with the House of Fuller Angle Push Broom Complete; this broom’s polypropylene bristles are tough enough for use outside but gentle enough to sweep up any mess in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room in your house. 

The angled head let’s you effortlessly sweep under your cabinets, refrigerator, or any other tight spot. Once you’re done sweeping up your pile, inject a teensy bit of pizzazz into your life with Fuller’s Fiesta Red Plastic Dustpan; this dustpan fits snugly against the floor so you never have to worry about missing a thing when you sweep up. (Isn’t that always the hardest part!?) It has a clip-on handle that snaps onto your favorite broom; pair it with Fuller Brush’s cute Fiesta Red Heavy Duty Long Bristle Push Broom for a stylish and practical pair.

Mopping Solutions For Days

Once the floor is swept to perfection,  you know what time it is. Of course, mopping time! Whether you have a spill or are mopping the entire floor, Fuller Brush has you covered. First, let’s start with Fuller’s Wet Mop Complete Absorbent Quality Cotton Yarn Floor Cleaner; this mop is made with 100% cotton tension-twisted strands, so it's highly absorbent, holding four times its weight in water. Your kids can’t spill a jug of juice large enough that this mop can’t handle.

Want a portable mopping solution that you can use on all of your floors? Then you need to try Fuller Brush’s Spin Mop Bucket System; this spin mop is so easy to use you’ll have your floors clean in no time, and best of all, you don’t have to break your back bending over to wring it out. Just put the mop in the spinner bucket and pump the floor pedal, and the mop spins the water out for you! Pure genius, I tell you. The spinner microfiber mop head pivots 360 degrees on the handle, which allows you to get into every nook and cranny, under every table, and behind every chair or couch.

If you need to dust the heck out of the place, then Fuller Brush has you covered there too - just try the fantastic Treated Dust Mop; it’s 100% cotton strands are treated with a special chemical that attracts dust like a magnet. The handle telescopes to allow you to reach the corners of your ceilings, chandeliers, pretty much anywhere. The head is reversible so you can get twice the mileage out of it; and when it’s dirty, just throw it in the wash and it’s ready to go again. 

Carpet Care Has Never Been Easier

When it comes to my carpet, I really don’t look forward to lugging around my heavy, bulky vacuum cleaner. I have to keep changing the carpet pile height setting, it’s super annoyingly loud, and the cord gets wrapped around just about everything. Thankfully, Fuller Brush offers their Electrostatic Carpet and Floor Sweeper. This thing is AWESOME. It’s lightweight, quiet, cordless, and it comes in pretty much any color you could want. It works by generating an electrostatic charge that sucks up dust and dirt like a magnet. A bonus of the sweeper is that if you don’t feel like sweeping the old fashioned way, you can easily move it from carpet to hardwood or any other surface in your home, and then just empty it out the little bay when you’re done. So easy. If you have a wet mess, like a spilled bowl of cereal or wet pet food, just swap out the sweeper’s brush for Fuller Brush’s Vinyl Blade Rotor. The vinyl blades pick up all sorts of wet or damp messes, and then easily rinses off to be stored away. Until the next imminent mess.

If you’re like me and used to thinking floor cleaning felt like an all-day project, this line of Fuller Brush floor cleaning equipment is sure to make you rethink just how quick clean can be. 

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