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The Best Angle Broom Of 2020

The Best Angle Broom Of 2020

There have been several tremendous innovations and advancements made in the home cleaning industry over the last century. From the advent of new tools such as robotic vacuums to the explosion of new cleaning agents for an array of different purposes, cleaning your home is easier now than it has ever been.

Despite these advances over the years, some of our most effective tools and techniques are both traditional and simple. Push Brooms were once little more than a bristled bunch of bound fibers, often made from twigs or plant husks. Nowadays, brooms have advanced in various ways, yet their resilience and handiness continue to make them a staple in households all over the world.

As you know, all brooms are not created equally. Traditional push brooms are arranged vertically and cut flat, which is excellent for sweeping dust and debris but isn't so great for cleaning hard-to-reach spots. Manufacturers quickly realized that by angling the bristles in their brooms, they could reach these areas while maintaining their long-established cleaning efficacy.

Of course, choosing the right angle broom for your home can be a challenge. While picking up a cheap one from your local department store may seem like an attractive option, these push brooms are often made of more inexpensive materials and may rapidly deteriorate. When it comes to picking the perfect angle broom, we've compiled the following sweeping-yet-succinct guide to help you choose.

What Is An Angle Broom?

When it comes to picking the right angle broom, there are many factors to keep in mind while researching and deciding. From the shape of the head to the bristles' material, all of these things can result in a dramatically different cleaning experience and outcome.

Thankfully, we've made it much easier to decide by breaking down what's important. Some key things to consider include;

The Design Of The Brush Head

The head of your broom is the component most crucial for effective cleaning - as such, efficient design is essential. Most angle brooms feature a standard head, resembling traditional brooms but with their bristles tapered at an angle instead of flat. This angling allows the broom to clean hard-to-reach spaces and better removes debris from tighter spots such as grout on a tiled floor.

There are also specialty heads available for more specific cleaning tasks. These brush head designs can vary from the addition of a hinge between the head and handle for enhanced reach and flexibility, to outright different shaped or even detachable heads. There are even models that incorporate a triangular head for clearing cobwebs and ones with rigid winged sides for trapping flyaway debris.

The Material Of The Bristles

The type of bristles used in your broom can make all the difference in how well it cleans. Angle broom bristles are typically made from various materials, including natural materials such as straw or broomcorn, as well as synthetics such as rubber or plastic. Different materials have varying thicknesses, which directly affect a brooms cleaning capability.

Softer bristles are more flexible and are great at picking up smaller debris, working best on hard, smooth surfaces such as hardwood flooring or tiles. Stiffer bristles are more rigid and brush away larger debris with ease, working best for outdoor jobs, although they're great for sweeping off carpeting as well. There are also fuller angle brooms that feature a combination of both, which offer the rigidity of stiff bristles for larger debris, with the flexibility provided by soft angle broom bristles that can easily pick up those finer particles. 

The Construction Of The Handle

The handle may be one of the most important, yet underrated, components of a broom. It is the part of the broom you handle the most, yet most people don't think anything of them. The handle is not only directly responsible for the durability of the brush, but comfort while handling and even cleaning efficacy as well. The type of material used, as well as the overall shape and length of the handle are all essential to be mindful of when making your purchasing decision. 

Wood handles tend to be durable in general, but are also typically heavier and may splinter and crack. Metal handles are usually sturdy and reliable, although lighter metals such as aluminum may easily bend. Fiberglass is one of the premium materials used, although these brooms are typically expensive and difficult to find. Plastic handles offer a great blend of durability and affordability, but may come off as cheap or non-premium.

Be considerate of the length of the handle as well, as this will directly impact your ability to sweep and clean efficiently and effectively. Shorter handles can make it more difficult to sweep in broad strokes, where a longer handle can be tricky to control for some. If adjust-ability is important to you, consider a telescoping handle you can adjust to your liking and the cleaning job at hand. Ergonomic grips are also available in some select models, if desired.

The Amenities Available

One of the final, yet still important, points to consider when picking the perfect angle broom for your home is the available accessories and features. An included dustpan helps cover your home sweeping needs in a single purchase. 

If sustained comfort over prolonged cleaning jobs is essential to you, consider opting for a handle that incorporates an ergonomic grip. Telescoping handles are also an excellent option for those looking for enhanced versatility, allowing greater comfort for a wider variety of users and offering adjustability for various cleaning tasks.

Which Angle Broom Is Right For Me? 

Through our extensive research and testing, one angle broom stands well above the rest. The House of Fuller Versatile Angle Broom is one of the finest household brooms we've had the honor of testing and using. It comes to you from the Fuller Brush Company, one of the leading and premier names in brooms and home cleaning for over a century. 

Equipped with an impressively wide 9 ½" sweeping path and 50" length, this broom offers the perfect combination of durability and versatility, all while providing unmatched cleaning efficacy. The rigid synthetic bristles resist grease, are built to last, and are great for various cleaning projects both in and outdoors. A steel head and handle ensure durability while maintaining overall effectiveness for many years to come.

The Fuller Brush Company is one of the leading names in home cleaning and broom making, producing quality products for over 110 years. Starting when Alfred Fuller wired brush machines with his bare hands, the company continues to carry on his legacy of crafting quality products while incorporating modern advancements and innovations. From door-to-door to direct-to-door, the Fuller Brush company remains the premier choice for your home cleaning needs. 

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