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The Top 5 Fuller Brooms and Dustpans

The Top 5 Fuller Brooms and Dustpans

If you asked me what the most important cleaning tool in my home was, I’d have to say, “My broom and dustpan.” These two items have helped me keep my home looking its best – both inside and outdoors. And ever since I found Fuller Brush Company, cleaning my floors has been easier than ever!

Here are just a few of the best Fuller brooms you can buy:

The Fuller Slender Broom and Dustpan

Messy floors can happen in an instant. Kids and pets track in dirt, something falls on the kitchen floor, the list goes on and on. But when you have a lightweight broom like the Fuller slender broom and dustpan, you can clean up messes just as quickly as they occur.

With a thin, lightweight brush head and a clip-on dustpan, this broom truly lives up to its name. I’ve been able to store my broom in the tiniest spaces, only to whip it out with ease whenever I need it. Thanks to this set, I’m always ready to sweep up!

The Angle Broom and Dustpan Set

If you hate leaving dirt in those hard to reach places (like I do), you’ll want to grab the Fuller angle broom and dustpan set. This broom is made from split-ended polypropylene bristles, which catch even the smallest particles in any room. Best of all, the angled shape makes it easy to sweep up corners and other hard to reach spots!

And once you’ve swept up every inch of your floor, this Fuller dustpan will make it easy to collect all that dirt and debris. The beveled edge on this dustpan helps you pick up every last spec, so your floors will be cleaner than ever before.

The Fiesta Red Kitchen Broom

Every once in a while (ok, every day), my household encounters at least ONE heavy duty mess… and when we do, I reach for my heavy duty bristle broom! This broom features long-lasting polystyrene bristles that pick up even the finest particles. Additionally, the low-profile design easily sweeps along my baseboards and under cabinets for a more complete clean.

Best of all, my kitchen broom has an adjustable handle that suits any height, from 29 to 52 inches. I can adjust the handle to the perfect size for any sweeper – which means my kids get to take a turn at cleaning up!

The Maple Wood Broom

The Fuller Maple Wood Broom is a cleaning tool for the old soul. This broom features bristles that resist chemicals, oil, grease, and mildew for a broom that’s built to last. This broom can sweep up just about anything – dirt, sugar, even sawdust – and washes clean under the faucet when I’m done.

In addition to its superior cleaning power, this broom just LOOKS COOL. The rectangular maple brush head looks classic and simple, giving your cleaning supplies a unique vibe that you can’t help but love.

The Indoor/Outdoor Household Broom

Sometimes, the best broom you can have is the one that does it all. The Fuller Indoor/Outdoor broom is designed for any surface, from the kitchen floor to the outside patio. This broom uses a steel handle and strong polypropylene bristles for a tool that stands up to literally every mess. Seriously, I can’t recommend this broom enough!

Whether you want something to sweep up your kitchen floor, workshop, patio, or all the above, Fuller brooms and dustpans are without a doubt my favorite choice. Trust me, if you have these tools in your closet, you can enjoy floors that are clean enough to eat off of! 


Contributing Author - Dawn Geske

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Edie Carter - October 27, 2020

My father was a FullerBrush man in the 50’s & 60’s in NJ. I was married in 1966 & I’m still using many of the same cleaning tools. Kitchen broom, mops, & I have a can of moth sprayer. I need an ironing board cover & I’d like your brand.

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