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Make Cleaning a Breeze with Brushes for Every Job

Make Cleaning a Breeze with Brushes for Every Job

Does every part of your house scream PLEASE CLEAN ME? Mine does weekly. Do you keep ignoring your poor house’s pleas for help because you don’t have the time or the right tools? I certainly do! But Fuller Brush and Stanley Home Products has got us covered with every brush we’ll need to clean the kitchen, bathroom, and anywhere else that needs a good scrubbing. Because, as I’ve found, the right tool can make any job a breeze. Here’s a few brushes that get the job done as painlessly as possible.

Let’s Tackle Cleaning The Kitchen

Start in the kitchen (probably the room that needs a cleaning the most often, amiright?). Ok, first things first: let’s tackle the countertops, island, and kitchen table. All those regrettable late-night nachos, chips, and cookies create quite a bit of crumbs. There’s a brush for that! Fuller’s Premium Table Tidy Sweeper easily sweeps up all of those crumbs without pushing them off the edge. Then you just take off the brush top and dump the crumbs in the trash!

If there’s crumbs on the counters, they're sure to be on your floor too, right? No, it’s just me? Ok. Well, I’ll be cleaning them up with Fuller’s awesome retro-looking Horsehair Bench Brush and Metal Dustpan. Clean AND stylish….  how I wish my friends would describe me. Now that the floor is swept, it’s time to tackle the grout in between your kitchen floor tiles and backsplash? Yeah, I’ve been putting that off too. Well, with the right tool, we just might feel inspired to get those grout-lines gleaming and it’ll be much easier with Fuller’s Tile Grout E-Z Scrubber Complete - Lightweight Multi-Purpose Surface Scrubber. This brush gets into all sorts of tight spaces, fits narrow and wide grout lines, and won’t scratch your surfaces. Perfect. 

Ok, moving onto that giant pile of dishes in the sink. I’m going to clean mine with Fuller’s Pretty & Pink Soft Bristle Scrub Brush; it’s perfect for cleaning pots and pans and won’t scratch stainless steel. Let’s be real for a second, when was the last time your garbage disposal got a thorough cleaning? If you’re like me, the answer’s never! Would you believe Fuller has a brush for that? Their Multi-Purpose Disposal Kitchen Scrub Brush is perfectly shaped to get in there and scour every part of your disposal. It’ll have it smelling oh-so-fresh! They even make a version with a rubberized ergonomic handle. 

While you’re in the kitchen, you probably have some cooking to do, right? Fuller can help you there too; they have the cutest little Veggie Scrubber for cleaning all of your vegetables. They also make a Jar Brush with a beautiful wooden handle - I’m going to hang mine up prominently so that anyone walking into my kitchen knows that THIS PERSON CLEANS THEIR MASON JARS WITH PANACHE.

Bathroom Scrubbing For The Win

You know how earlier I said the kitchen needed the most cleaning attention? I was wrong. It’s the bathroom. Ok, so where to start? Yes, I know. I KNOW. The toilet. Thankfully, Fuller stocks a huge selection of bathroom brushes specifically made for cleaning your porcelain throne. You could go with the Bent Tip Bowl Brush, which is curved to make sure you can get under the rim of the bowl and has stiff polyester bristles to clean every spot of scum without scratching. Or you could go with one of Fuller’s newest offerings, the Ultimate Toilet Bowl Brush, constructed of durable ThermoPlastic Rubber (TPR). This thing is the Tesla of toilet brushes, I kid you not. The TPR bristles won’t scratch the toilet surface and contain an anti-bacterial agent that suppresses bacteria & mold growth. The brush enables you to reach all the way down to the trap to ensure your toilet is cleaner than it’s ever been. 

For the tub and shower, we’re gonna go with Fuller’s Tub & Shower E-Z Scrubber Heavy Duty Scrub Brush & Telescopic Handle. This bad boy has tough bristles that will stand up to many cleanings and the handle telescopes from 29” to 52” to reach every single spot you can think of. For everything else, there’s Stanley’s Super Scrubby Scrub Brush - All Purpose Cleaning Scrubber w/ Looped Handle. This sturdy little brush has stiff bristles and a comfortable looped handle to make tough scrubbing a snap. There. WE’RE DONE. I’ll get the chips.


Contributing Author - Jacqueline Rupp

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Janice M Kapper - December 16, 2020

Fuller. Is the best it cleans great You want good
Job use the best You spend few penny’s more.

Fred Blumenfeld - December 14, 2020

As 17 year olds my friend, Lou and I, both now 69 years old, were summer salesmen for Fuller Brush products door to door in and around West Orange, NJ. Just this morning I used a scrubbing brush, (very similar to the brush shown with the potatoes) which is still in perfect condition. I’ll be purchasing several of your newer model for Christmas gifts for special friends. Best regards, Fred Blumenfeld

Jamielle McKusick - September 27, 2020

I have my Mother’s dust mop. Our family bought the house in which my husband and I live in 1943. My Mother would get a lot of products from our Fuller Brush man. When we returned here the one thing that I found easily was the oak handled woolen dust mop. Being wool it draws dust to it. We have wood and tile floors. It is about two feet across and works like a charm.

Mr.Johnny R Huff - September 25, 2020

Ive used fuller brushs sinse i was a child .im 68 yrs old they are still the best brushs in America for cleaning YOUR home, excellent quality at affordable prices and reliable sturdy. Dependable brushs that last a life time.

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