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Fuller Brush - Fuller's Oil Soap Wood

Fuller Brush - Fuller's Oil Soap Wood

Cleanliness is a close relative of healthiness. When your home is clean, your health is preserved from various harms. A clean home doesn't only promote healthy living, it also showers you with encomiums of respect and admiration from others, after all, everyone loves a clean home! Doesn't it sound nice to live a healthy life spiced with respect to others? To mention a few, these are some of the benefits that come with maintaining cleanliness in your home.

The wood forms an integral part of your home. It's almost impossible to have a woodless home. There is bound to be the presence of wood material in at least one section of a typical home. Being such an important household item, wood surfaces require regular cleaning.

However, leaving dirt on your wood surfaces does your wood surface no good. It shades the beauty of your wood and replaces it with dust. To make matter worse, your wood surfaces will soon be renowned for staining your clothes.

Home wood items are designed to give your home a touch of elegance and beauty. But this can only be achieved if they are properly maintained with an appropriate cleaner. If you're wondering which cleaner will be ideal to use for the cleaning, you needn't think much further. Your best shot is Fuller's oil soap wood!

Fuller's Oil Soap Wood Description

Fuller's oil soap wood is a natural cleaner suitable for cleaning virtually any surface in your home. What's more, it is economical and very resourceful. This natural cleaner can be used to clean furniture, doors, cabinets, handrails, or any surface or place where there's dirt or grime. 

Dirt can hang in various places around the home. Nevertheless, that doesn't stop Fuller oil soap wood from carrying out its fantastic cleaning job. You can use the soap on finished wood surfaces which include: painted wood, tables, chairs, paneling, floors, and cabinets.

Furthermore, it is also usable on other washable surfaces such as ceramic tile, leather, vinyl, painted surfaces, and walls. With Fuller oil soap wood, you're just a step away from tackling dirt and grime on wood surfaces as well as other surfaces that can be washed in your home.

Moreover, this product was made with the safety of the users in mind. It is biodegradable and has a phosphate-free formula for ensuring your safety and of everyone in your home.

With Fuller's oil soap wood, there is no such thing as an overloaded fragrance. There is elegance in simplicity. That is why the soap is designed with a simple soap fragrance that gives a natural cleaning smell after use.

Fuller's Oil Soap Wood Features and Details

  •  Dirt and grime natural cleaner: Fuller's soap takes special pride in washing off dirt and grime from wood in your home. It is also usable on other washable surfaces anywhere in your home. Added to this premium cleaning advantage is the natural glow that the soap imprints on finished wood surfaces.
  • Potent yet with a mild formula: Clean up every dirt, grime, stain, and food residue with this powerful soap. Designed with the users' safety in mind, the soap is biodegradable and phosphate-free, making it safe to use anywhere in your home. 
  • Multipurpose use: Not everyone can chew a piece of gum and walk at the same time. Luckily, Fuller's oil soap can do that! Its use is not restricted to wood surfaces alone, you can also use it to clean other washable surfaces like ceramic tile, painted surfaces, leather, vinyl, and countertops. Of course, you can use it to clean wood surfaces such as tables, chairs, cabinets, paneling, and bookcases.
  • Maintenance: The soap does not change or tamper with the natural beauty of wood surfaces used to wash. Rather, it maintains it and keeps the beauty shining on.
  • Double strength with extra power formula: The product has been reinforced with an extra power formula that makes it more powerful in comparison to other leading brands. You can use one-half amount of the soap, giving you the chance to save your money.

Oils Soap Wood

Fuller Brush Company is a tested and trusted company when quality and durability of products are concerned. Every product of the company is made with the best ingredient under the scrutiny of strict quality standards. If you're in search of cleaning products, hairbrushes, or personal care lotions, Fuller Brush company is the best place for you!

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