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Fuller Brush Surface Cleaner Countertop & Tile Cleaner Concentrate w/ Ammonia

Fuller Brush Surface Cleaner Countertop & Tile Cleaner Concentrate w/ Ammonia

I can remember my mother using ammonia-based cleaners around the house because of that distinctive smell. I was looking for an alternative for bleach that I could use around my apartment and I thought: what about an ammonia-based surface and tile cleaner? 

My search brought me to the Fuller Brush Company website and directed me to their Surface Cleaner Countertop and Tile Cleaner Concentrate with Ammonia. This is the perfect option for me because I am single and always looking for cheap and easy cleaning options that will last a long time. I was also excited to learn that this ammonia-based cleaner is biodegradable and easier on the environment compared to many other cleaners I have used in the past. 

Effective Tile Cleaner that Lasts

Cheap and easy is key for me because I do not like cleaning (who does?) in the first place and I certainly do not like cleaning when it involves a lot of steps. With Fuller Brush Company's Surface Cleaner Concentrate with Ammonia, one 32-ounce bottle only costs $14.99 and will last you a very long time. One bottle makes 128 16oz-spray bottles of cleaner. That equals 11 cents per-bottle of cleaning solution!

The concentrate also allows you to decide how strong you want to make the cleaning solution. For tough stains on grout, I will double the solution strength in a smaller spray bottle. For everyday use, I will mix the suggested 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of the Surface Cleaner Concentrate with 16 ounces of water. That spray bottle will last me two months, which is why this is such a cost-effective product. 

Versatility is Key for Cleaning Products

I have limited space under my sink and I really don't like it when a cleaning product that I only can use for a few specific things takes up valuable room under there. That is why I love Fuller Brush Company's Surface Cleaner Countertop and Tile Cleaner Concentrate with Ammonia. It is great for the regular cleaning-up of surfaces around my kitchen and bathroom. I can use it with my Fuller Brush Company Spin Mop Bucket system to clean my apartment floors. They are imitation wood so this is perfect for them although they do say on their website that you should not use this product on wood floors. And finally the extra-strength solution is great for making my grout sparkle in my shower, something I have not been able to do with many other products. 

I also appreciate how long this product lasts me compared to all the other cleaning products out there. I believe that the current state of the world has taught us to value good products that are effective and that can be relied upon. I am so thankful that I rediscovered Fuller Brush Company products like this Surface Cleaner Concentrate. And maybe the best part about this product is that it is made right here in the United States. 

I Trust Fuller Brush Company Family of Products

I know that this Fuller Brush Company Surface Cleaner Countertop and Tile Cleaner Concentrate with Ammonia is going to work for me every time, for a long time. It is very cost-effective and easy to use. And it is safe for the environment which is a quality that is hard to find in a cleaning product that actually works. One of America's great companies, Fuller Brush Company, has delivered a great product once again! 

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